There is an all new Fair and Square Bingo Tourney Room at Amigo

KEYWORDAre you feeling lucky? You should! March is here with more chances of winning, bigger jackpots and incredible extra prizes! In the Fair and Square Bingo tourney, every player has exactly the same chance of winning lots and lots of green for the same flat fee.

• One x $500 GUARANTEED game.
• Three x $150 GUARANTEED games.
• Six x $100 GUARANTEED games.

Everyone Loves Fair and Square Bingo

Feel the luck of the Irish every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday at 10pm (EST) throughout March and find your very own pot of gold (Exclusive Room) at Amigo Bingo. Simply register with $25 cash and you are in it to win it – DEPOSIT AND REGISTER to unlock this room.

The $25 CASH fee covers the automatic pre-bought cards for all online bingo games, including the $10,000 CA, $5,000 CA, and $1,000 CA followed by $100-$500 multipart GUARANTEED GAMES such as the rainbow, beer, leprechaun, gold coins, treasure, hat and much more… (Fair and Square/12 cards per game).

Plus! Keep your eyes wide open, find the hidden leprechaun pattern, bingo on it, and claim a FREE TEAM ENTRY. Have fun catching the sneaky fella… Let’s get shamrocked and bingo! Grab your rabbit’s foot, a lucky penny and any other lucky charm that you can find for your chance to become a winner, REGISTER NOW at Amigo Bingo!


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