Take Part in the Johnny Cash Bingo Tribute Party on Feb 28th

Johnny Cash Bingo Tribute PartyWalk the Line with Bingo Canada this February 28th and celebrate the life of one of the most influential stars on the country music stage in this Johnny Cash Bingo Tribute Grand Million Dollar Party! Follow the Man in Black to Win $2,000,000 total prize pool!

Step into the Ring of Fire with the Johnny Cash Bingo Tribute Party

It’s 86 years since the birth of the Man in Black and you can join the Bingo Canada party for the chance to play for over $2,000,000 in prizes, including one hour of Speed Games with a fixed prize of $5,000 every 5th call, pots reaching up to $200,000, plus for the whole event you’ll get 16 cards free for every 20 bought, Fireworks pattern with a fixed prize of $5,000 on all calls every hour and 2 Speedy Coveralls with $15,000 on the first 50 calls per hour!

Don’t miss this awesome bingo party just for all of you to celebrate Johnny Cash.


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