Where is the Best Place to Find Lucky Slots?

If you are looking to find lucky slots, you have come to the right place. Many slot players around the world want to strike it lucky with one winning combination, so we have some special tricks you need to know. Professionals have spoken and disagreed, despite what some players claim. There is a way to strike it lucky; all you have to do is find lucky slots, and you could win big.

When you find the right video slots, you have an investment that will last forever, or at least as long as the slots game exists. So let us assist you in finding the ultimate slots game, the luckiest of them all, and the one that pays out every time you play.

Sign-Up for Lucky Slots at Reputable Online Sites

It is an unwritten rule that reputable online casinos or slots sites have the luckiest slots because all games at these sites are regulated and provide fair play. Fair play means that games are designed to pay out according to mathematical formulas, so rather than being considered lucky slots, they have been designed to award players after a certain number of spins.

Reputable casinos will also pay out any winnings that the player requests. It doesn’t help that you play lucky slots if you are unable to withdraw your winnings. Unfortunately, there are some casinos that take advantage of trusting players, leaving the players in an unfortunate situation. You’ve just taken the first step in the right direction by finding a reputable online casino, and you’re one step closer to finding lucky slots.

Free Versions to Play

If you’ve ever wondered how much slots payout and how frequently they do, you should look for a free version of the game online. This will give you an idea of whether the slots game is a lucky one based on how frequently the game pays out.

Free slot games also let you see how valuable the bonus rounds are and whether you can accumulate winnings while playing free spins and landing winning combinations. Although some free versions do not allow you to activate the bonus round, you can search to see if there is one, and then, based on how the game pays out during the base game, you can decide whether it is a lucky slot or not.

Pay Attention to Casino/Slots Forum Advice

Good tips can frequently be found in the forum of an online slot site. This is where players go to seek professional advice from other players and talk about the games they like and dislike. Forums serve many functions, but if you don’t know where to start, you can use them to find lucky slots. This is an excellent starting point, and players who have used this platform to access new and previously unknown games may find more than one lucky slot game.

Casino games are reviewed and rated on these social platforms, so even if you didn’t realize you were looking for lucky slots, you might be lucky enough to come across a few based on player recommendations. One site that is regularly discussed is Cyberspins Casino. From what we have seen, this site has all the ingredients to be a great slots site for USA players.

Sign up for more than one slots forum to increase your visibility and keep up with new releases. There are several recommended sites to choose from but ask on the forums which other players have had luck with lucky slots and if they can recommend other platforms.

find lucky slots

It is Important to Learn the RTP Percentage

The return to player percentage is the percentage that the slot machine pays out on each deposit. So, a lower RTP percentage means the game may not pay out as frequently as a medium to high volatility slot after a deposit. Lucky slots are typically medium to high volatility, with frequent payouts and lower rates or wager amounts. Because not all new releases publicly display the RTP percent, some research may be required to determine the volatility of the slots, but if you are looking, try to play a slots game with an RTP of 95 percent or higher. This will give you the best chance to win.

If you find a slot game with a medium to high RTP, you can count your lucky stars. You can also get lucky by knowing the return to a player percentage before signing up.

More Research on where to find Lucky Slots

Finding lucky slots through research is one of the most obvious options or methods of locating them. Online slot players are notorious for leaving reviews that assist other players in determining the worth and value of their interest in playing these slots. Reviews are easily accessible through extensive research and can be found online. Complete your research before placing a real money slots wager required to win the lucky slots jackpot.

Look for Hot New Arrivals

Several lucky slots are usually available in an online casino’s hot new release section. One of our favorite bingo sites that has lots of new slot games is Cyberbingo.

Hot new releases are carefully selected for players seeking great features, bonus games, and high RTPs. This is the section where players go to find the most potentially rewarding slots games to increase their chances of winning.

Hot wins are lucky slots, and for some reason, they are the best at paying out wins. They tend to pay out the most and are played the most, which may explain why they pay out so frequently. As each winning combination has been formed over several spins, the more players enjoy these hot new releases, the more they tend to payout.

Final Word on Lucky Slots

If you are looking for lucky slots, you must first ensure that you have the necessary resources. You will need to use the internet to find these high-paying slots games, but the wait will be well worth it. Change your strategy and only play the luckiest slots that online casinos have to offer. If you know what you’re looking for and how to find it, your entire gaming experience will improve.

Australian Bingo – What You Should Know

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Australian Bingo is not even called bingo in Australia, instead, the locals call it Housie. This is because they tend to shorten many words, and this is no different. Housie is short for full house, which is the most popular bingo game in Australia.

Given that bingo is not a complicated game that offers plenty of thrills and excitement, it’s no surprise that it’s become a tremendous hit around the world, over the years. It was out of favor for a while, but now with an influx of many new players, it is as strong as ever.

While it has a lengthy history in certain places, it has been prospering in others for decades and is an especially popular pastime in Australia. Here, we look at how the game has grown to be a craze in Oz, as well as an outline of what to expect from Australian bingo calls if you decide to play there.

History of Australian Bingo

While it is generally assumed that bingo originated in Italy in the 1500s, the game is supposed to have gained in popularity in Australia at the turn of the twentieth century. We know for sure that it was very popular in the 1970s.

Australian BingoFor a long time, it was known as ‘Housie,’ and winners would call ‘house’ instead of shouting ‘bingo’, as is now customary around the world. According to a variety of sources, bingo games were first held in marquees across the country before being moved to the more traditional bingo hall setting. The next time you play bingo with Australians, shout House and see what the reaction is.

The game, like in many other countries, grew in popularity throughout time but became associated with elder generations as time passed. Bingo did, however, spawn a game show at one point, with National Bingo Night aired on the Seven Network for a limited time in 2007. The show had an interactive approach, with the studio audience, competitors, and households, all having a chance to win cash prizes. It was presented by former Home and Away star Tim Campbell. We would love to see a similar show come back one day.

Of course, the introduction of internet versions of bingo has given Australia’s love of the game a big boost in recent years. For many individuals, the ability to play bingo whenever and wherever they choose has brought the game back to life, and online bingo is offered in a variety of formats, giving players a lot of options. The pokies are also drawing a lot of new players in.

How to Play Bingo in Australia

So, now that you have a better sense of how bingo has evolved as a pastime in Australia, what should you expect if you decide to play the game there?

Some countries are more stringent than others when it comes to the sort of bingo that is historically played, with the United Kingdom, for example, considering 90-ball to be the traditional way to enjoy the game. Australia, on the other hand, has been rather accommodating in terms of how it chooses which game is best. As a result, if you were to play bingo in Australia, you may expect to see 90-ball, 75-ball, and several other varieties. That being said, 90-ball bingo still has an edge over the newer formats.

Furthermore, if you were playing online, you may expect to see providers provide a variety of incentives that can help you gain a head start on your game.

Learn about Charity Housie

Charity Housie, also known as Cash Housie, is a game similar to Bingo. It is played with numbered squares on electronic or printed tickets. At the start of each session, players purchase ticket books to play.

A Housie Caller chooses numbers at random and announces them to the players. As the numbers are called, each player crosses them off their ticket. A player wins if they are the first to mark off all of the numbers on their ticket. This is known as a Full House.

The main difference between Charity Housie and Bingo is that Charity Housie prizes can be cash, whereas Bingo prizes can only be non-cash. Players enjoy the social aspect as well as the possibility of winning. Prizes for Charity Housie can range from less than $50 to $5,000. The prize amounts are determined by the amount of money raised from ticket sales at the session.

Charity Housie is only permitted in Australia if it is used to raise funds for a charitable organization. The charitable organization must receive at least 12.5 percent of the proceeds from the sale of the Housie books. Charity Housie has a devoted following of players who enjoy it as a social outing as well as the chance to win. You can learn more at the Charity Housie Australia website.

Australian Bingo Calls

Given Australia’s long history and profound affection for the game, it’s not unexpected that the country’s culture is said to have influenced bingo calls in the past.

The traditional call for number one, ‘Kelly’s Eye,’ is perhaps the most famous example. Many people assume this is a reference to Ned Kelly, the country’s most renowned outlaw. He is infamous for committing several crimes in the late 1800s, and he became a folk hero to some before being apprehended and hanged by authorities. Some contend, however, that the term is purely slang that originated in military circles.

Another bingo call mentions a specific type of animal with a strong connection to Australia. The number 5 or 55 is frequently represented by the phrase ‘Snakes Alive.’ The country is home to more than its fair share of snakes, with hundreds of different species roaming the country.

In addition, the Australian bingo call for 85 – ‘Staying Alive’ – mentions a musical group with a significant connection to Australia. While the Bee Gees were born in the United Kingdom, they relocated to Queensland and found success there before going on to become one of the most successful pop groups of all time. The usage of ‘Staying Alive’ could be interpreted as a nod to one of their biggest successes, which was featured on the disco-infused Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.

As you can see from the above examples, Australian bingo calls are, for the most part, very similar to those used in the United Kingdom. However, the Daily Telegraph newspaper in the United Kingdom reported in 2012 that old-school clichés like “two fat ladies” were being phased out. The adjustments were attributed to a variety of factors, including a rising need for the game to be faster, as well as a desire to draw younger generations to the game.

More Common Calls for Australian Bingo

These bingo calls are used when playing 90-ball housie.


Australia is a Bingo-Obsessed Country

Bingo is a popular recreation throughout the world, and Australia has long embraced the thrills of the game. Furthermore, the introduction of online bingo sites has probably elevated the game’s fun to a whole new level.

With the country’s ties to the game showing no signs of fading, it will be fascinating to see how its culture influences Australian bingo in the coming years.

When Does It Make Sense to Play Bingo for Real Money?

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Bingo is a game that is enjoyed by everyone who tries it. Since you are reading this, you are probably interested in playing regularly. At one time or another, you have probably considered if it makes sense to play bingo for real money. Many bingo players choose to do this for a variety of reasons.

People enjoy playing bingo for real money because it offers a sense of excitement and the potential to win a big jackpot. Others see it as a cost for the privilege of chatting with players from all over the world.

However, many people still have an uneasy feeling about paying money to play online bingo. So, we will analyze this idea and see if it makes sense for you to start playing bingo online for real money.

Anti-Gambling Position

Real money bingo is a no-no for certain people. It could be for personal, cultural, or religious reasons, but gambling for real money is not acceptable. Perhaps they knew someone who had a gambling addiction and had determined that any gambling was not for them.

Any amount of gambling can be dangerous for certain people. If you are aware that you have a problem, we recommend you get professional help to address the issue. If you’ve made a strong decision to forego any gambling, your decision is completely respected.

Whenever you play any game where you are using your own money, there is a risk that you may lose that money. The amount may be small or large, but it is best not to play with money you cannot afford to lose. If you have extra money that you have allocated for entertainment purposes, then you can enjoy spending that money however you choose. If you are not comfortable with risk, you shouldn’t play.

However, if you currently play games of chance, like scratch-off tickets or the local lottery, you won’t spend much more money at a real money bingo site. You also get a lot more value out of it. Your initial payment allows you to play a variety of bingo games, and bonus cash allows you to play even more games for free! Consider it similar to receiving a little package of scratch-off tickets for your birthday, but with more fun.

Why it’s Worth Your Time to Play Bingo for Real Money

play bingo for real moneySome individuals consider gaming to be a method to pass the time, but they question whether passing the time by paying a small fee to play a game is worthwhile. This debate has been largely debunked over the last decade.

There are several places where you can play bingo online for money on the internet. Bingo players can buy cards via mobile app for a minimal deposit amount. Many games allow players to make in-game purchases to get an advantage over their opponents. Some games are specifically designed to encourage you to make those extra purchases.

What’s the difference between investing a few dollars and creating an account here to play bingo or online slots with people from all over the world, if you’re already enjoying these games? There isn’t a single one!

All you have to do now is evaluate whether bingo is entertaining enough for you to invest some money. And we believe that the tiny expenditure will be well worth it, given the diversity of games available and the interesting individuals you can meet.

The Stakes are too small

Perhaps gaming isn’t the issue, but bingo can be tedious compared to other games. It can be exciting if you are a bingo fan, but slower than other online games. Also, the stakes in bingo may be too low or involve too little skill to keep your attention.

That is why, the top bingo sites, have a variety of games to appeal to all sorts of players. You can find slot machines, video poker machines, and table games, all of which have larger payouts and risks than bingo rooms. You can also visit the bingo rooms to chat with the folks who frequent them. There is something for everyone at most bingo online sites.

Bingo is a very social game. The main reason players like it are to make new friends and chat with old friends. Always remember, that whether you play for free or play bingo for real money, it is all about having fun. Have a great time and if you can win some money, all the better for you.

Is it Safe to Play Bingo for Real Money?

Unfortunately, these days there are scams everywhere. That is why it is important to choose an online bingo site carefully. There are some key points to look for to make sure they are legit:

  • Proper Contact Details – this includes, email, live chat and telephone
  • SSL Security – the website address must have https not just http
  • Banking Options – there must be multiple banking options like VISA, Mastercard, Paypal
  • History – the longer the site has been online the better
  • RNG – they should use a random number generator so games are fair

If you look for all of these points, you are likely to find a legitimate bingo site. If you know the site is safe, you will feel more comfortable when you play real money bingo. The key is that the bingo site you choose must be fair, safe, and trustworthy.

Life Changing Bingo Jackpots are Everywhere

These days it is possible to find some massive progressive bingo jackpots. These can range up to $100,000 and even higher. If you love to play bingo and are willing to invest time and effort, you never know what can happen. Play for fun, and you never know when you might win a life-changing jackpot.

Hopefully, we’ve persuaded you to visit one of the exciting online bingo rooms. You already spend a little money for fun if you play scratch tickets or lottery games. Why not do it somewhere where you can interact with individuals from all over the world? Now is the time to sign up and give online bingo for real money a go.

10 Best Bingo Memes of 2022

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Playing bingo is all about having fun. What is more fun than sharing funny bingo memes with your bingo buddies? We all love to laugh, so let’s do it together as we view and share some of the best memes about bingo that you will find anywhere.

What are Bingo Memes?

A bingo meme is a humorous bingo image, that is copied (with slight variations) and spread rapidly by internet users. There are lots of memes around, with new ones being created daily. We have selected some of our favorites to share with you. Hopefully, these will bring a smile to your face. If they do, make sure to share them with your bingo buddies.

Best Bingo Memes of 2022

1 – Bingo Walk of Shame

Bingo MemesEveryone has done it at some point during their bingo career. To shout bingo, or to stand up and shout and then walk up to the front of the bingo hall to check your card. Finding out that you made a mistake and didn’t really win.

It is a very embarrassing walk back to your seat. You wish you were invisible and promise yourself that you will double-check your numbers next time. This is the bingo walk of shame.

2 – Life-Changing Moment

Life ChangingSo you didn’t know that you could play bingo online? There is no need to wait until Thursday evening for your next bingo game. You can now register at an online bingo hall and play whenever you want, where ever you are. And the jackpots are bigger than ever.

This will change your life forever.

3 – Are you feeling Lucky Today?

Feeling LuckySome days everything goes our way. On other days it seems like everything and everyone is against us. No matter what you do or how hard, you try you just can’t get a win. When having one of those days, you might just feel like throwing your computer out the window.

Not many people would do it. But, it is oddly satisfying to see someone who does.

4 – Grandma wants to play bingo

Play BingoIf you visit your favorite bingo hall and tonight’s game has been canceled, you may feel a little frustrated, as you have been waiting all week. That may cause some obsessed bingo fans to take matters into their own hands.

We understand how this grandma is feeling and hope that she can get into the next game. If not, she can always go back home and play bingo online.

5 – Who is Ready for Bingo?

Ready to PlayIt is that feeling that someone else says exactly what you are thinking. You can’t wait for the next game, and your friends can’t wait either.

Jim Carrey has the best impressions so his face is perfect for this bingo meme. Are you ready to play?

Are you looking for a new place to play online bingo? Why not check out our best bingo sites. We are sure that you will find a great place to make new friends and chase some huge jackpots. You can also share these bingo memes with your new friends.

6 – I Gotta Get to Bingo

hitch a rideWhen you are running late for bingo, your car isn’t working, and you don’t have money for the bus. What are you going to do? Well, as a true bingo fan, you are going to do whatever is necessary so that you don’t miss out on tonight’s jackpot.

Don’t try this at home! This is for professionals only! Just make sure that you leave a little earlier next time.

7 – I lost your inheritance

I lostThis is funny because we can never imagine a sweet, little old lady losing all of her money at bingo. Especially, losing the money for Christmas presents as well.

While this is a fun bingo meme, it is, unfortunately, true for some people. Please remember to play responsibly and seek help if you feel you have a gambling problem.

8 – Late for Bingo

late for bingoDon’t get in the way of a bingo player who is running late. We don’t want to miss the first call, no matter how old we are. If you are on the roads, near a bingo hall, on bingo night, please be extra careful.

We need to let the bingo players through. We need to make sure they are not late for bingo.

9 – The Joker

joker bingoEven the Joker is intimidated by a room full of bingo players. We have all seen what happens when someone calls bingo in the local bingo hall. There is always some chaos until everything is finalized.

If you are new to bingo, this meme is a warning for you to be prepared for your first bingo. It may come as a big shock.

10 – That Winning Feeling

winning feelingWe all know that amazing feeling that we get when we yell bingo. It is so incredible that we feel exactly like Psy in Gangnam Style. You have to know this song to really understand this bingo meme. It is a perfect representation of a bingo win.

Get that winning feeling and play bingo today.

Bingo Memes for Everyone

We can all use a good laugh anytime. This is why our bingo memes page is so popular with our visitors. If you are interested in bingo memes, then you are probably also interested in bingo jokes. Please check out this page for some of the best and funniest bingo jokes around.

There are always new memes popping up around the internet. As soon as we find some that we think you will like, we will be sure to add them to this page. If you have a funny meme that you would like us to share, please get in touch with us. We would be happy to spread of joy of a great internet meme.

Lots more memes are coming soon. Have a great day, and please share our bingo memes with your friends.

Claim Your Buccaneers Free Spins this Week at CyberSpins

Buccaneers Free SpinsShiver me timbers! Get ready to sail the high seas playing pirate-themed games with CyberSpins Buccaneers Free Spins promotion. Every Tuesday and Thursday during April, get bombastic free spins on four different pirate-themed games when you make a qualifying deposit.

Deposit as little as $30 to qualify for this promo, and enjoy high-value free spins on adventure-filled slot games. The number of free spins, and the game they’re given for, depends on the deposited amount. VIP players can claim as high as 120 spins.

Rule the Slot Reels with Buccaneers Free Spins on the High Seas

Take to the high seas in a swashbuckling slot adventure when you make your first deposit of the day on Tuesdays and Thursdays and select your action-packed Buccaneers Free Spins!

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The four slots that you have a chance to win free spins on are:

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Don’t Miss the Fantasy Bingo Tourney at Bingo Fest

Join in the excitement of the Bingo Fest magical Fantasy Bingo Tourney every Saturday night from 8:00PM EDT till 11:59PM EDT. You will jump through the looking glass into an evening of fantasy and adventure in this amazing Saturday night Tourney as BingoFest awards over $15,000.00 in Guaranteed prizes.

Fantasy Bingo Tourney

Fantasy, Adventure, and Cash Prizes in the Fantasy Bingo Tourney

The Fantasy Bingo Tourney is guaranteed to be full of fun and excitement as you encounter Unicorns, Dragons, and a whole world filled with fantasy characters. If you can win the most games during the Fantasy Bingo Tourney, you could be the Bingo Fest Tourney winner of a fantastic $300.00 in cash!

There are fabulous rewards for the top 10 players every week in this bingo fun filled tourney so make sure that you are playing for your chance of this fantastic prize. The prizes available are as follows:

Ranking / Prize / Balance
1st / $300.00 / Cash
2nd / $150.00 / Cash
3nd / $125.00 / Cash
4nd / $100.00 / Cash
5nd / $75.00 / Cash
6th – 10th / $50.00 / Free Play Bonus

Take part in a new Fantasy Bingo Tourney every Saturday night and get more opportunities to win big jackpots and amazing prizes while playing online bingo.

The bingo games that you want to join and the prizes for each are as follows:

Dragon’s Den
First Part $25.00
Second Part $50.00
Coverall $1,000.00

Fairy Nights
First Part $25.00
Second Part $50.00
Coverall $250.00

Genie’s Lamp
First Part $25.00
Second Part $50.00
Coverall $250.00 Guaranteed

Starting Mushroom House
Starting $150.00 + Players’ Wagers

Prince Charming
First Part $25.00
Second Part $50.00
Coverall $250.00 Guaranteed

First Part $25.00
Second Part $50.00
Coverall $250.00 Guaranteed

Werewolves & Vampires
First Part $25.00
Second Part $50.00
Coverall $250.00 Guaranteed

Warrior’s Challenge
First Part $25.00
Second Part $50.00
Coverall $250.00 Guaranteed

Wizard’s Hat
First Part $25.00
Second Part $50.00
Coverall $250.00 Guaranteed

Starting Magic Potion
Starting $150.00 + Players’ Wagers

Pumpkin Carriage
First Part $25.00
Second Part $50.00
Coverall $250.00 Guaranteed

Frog Prince
First Part $25.00
Second Part $50.00
Coverall $250.00 Guaranteed

See you there this Saturday everyone and good luck to all!


Where to Play Online Bingo with Bitcoin 2022

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Play Online Bingo with BitcoinIf you are curious about where to play online bingo with bitcoin then you have come to the right place. Some of the best bingo sites around are offering very special deals to bingo players who want to make deposits and withdrawals using bitcoin instead of other options.

Before we get started you must know how to play online bingo with bitcoin. Just click on the link to learn everything that you need to know. When you are ready come back to this page to find the best bitcoin bingo deals.

Amigo Bingo / Canadian Dollar Bingo / Bingo Australia Bitcoin Rewards Program

Welcome to Bitcoin: 1st Deposit Package
Make your first Bitcoin deposit today and get the following perks:

30 FREE Spins on Bitcoin Bob.
+ 1 Team Bingo Entry
+ 200% Bonus on top of all regular bonuses in place.

Bitcoin Exclusive Bonuses
Once you have made your first Bitcoin Deposit and enjoyed the Bitcoin Welcome Package, you’ll receive a special treat on the next Bitcoin Deposits you make as follows:

Bitcoin Deposits $30 – $49: $20 Bonus
Bitcoin Deposits $50 – $99: $50 Bonus
Deposit with Bitcoin $100+: $150 Bonus

These bonuses are on top of the Daily Bonus and the Loyalty Bonuses you already get!!

Bitcoin Depositor Reward Card
Earn a stamp for each bitcoin deposit you make, and for every 10 deposits claim an extra bonus of up to $500BBs. The bonus will be on the average amount that you have deposited over the last ten deposits within the present calendar month.
Bitcoin Monthly Raffle
For every Bitcoin deposit you make with the present calendar month you’ll receive 1 entry to participate in an exclusive Bitcoin Monthly Raffle. The more entries you collect, the more chances to be one of the lucky winners of the following 3 prizes:

1st Place: $100 CASH + 30 FREE Spins on Bitcoin Bob
2nd Place: 50 BingoBucks + 20 FREE Spins on Bitcoin Bob
3rd Place: 25 BingoBucks + 10 FREE Spins on Bitcoin Bob

Winners will be announced and credited in the Facebook Group Group within the first 5 days of each month.

CyberBingo / BingoSpirit / BingoFest / CyberSpins Bitcoin Rewards Program

Deposit with bitcoin today at any of these great sites and you will receive an extra 25% bonus on your first deposit.

So, as you can see there is quite a significant difference in the rewards that you will receive for using bitcoin depending on the bingo site that you choose to play at. If you are planning to use bitcoin to play online bingo then you should one of the sites above that will offer the biggest bonus.

The Top Sites to Play Online Bingo with Bitcoin 2022

For those of you just looking for the TLDR version here is what you need to know:

+ Amigo Bingo – the best for Americans and USD play
+ Canadian Dollar Bingo – the best for Canadians and CAD play
+ Bingo Australia – the best for Australians and anyone in, or close to the Australian time zone


Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will undoubtedly gain in popularity in the future. This is a result of benefits such as speed (withdrawals are completed in minutes!), low cost, high level of security provided by crypto protocols, and privacy (no personal info linked to transactions). If you have been thinking about trying bitcoin to play online bingo, you can’t go wrong with any of these top sites. Good Luck everyone.

Bitcoin Bingo – How to Play Online Bingo with Bitcoin

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Bitcoin BingoEveryone is talking about Bitcoin Bingo! If you haven’t been living under a rock, you will have heard about it daily, on the news, and all over the internet. We want to give you all the information you need to decide if you should be playing online bingo with bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a reliable, easy, secure, fast, and cheap way to send and receive funds! If you have never used any type of cryptocurrency before, it might seem overwhelming at first. Once you understand how it works and try it out for yourself, you will see how simple it is! Bitcoin allows fast and effortless transactions to and from your Bingo account.

Bitcoin Bingo Basics

What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is essentially online money. You can send it from your computer, tablet, smartphone, or another device, to anyone, anywhere in the world, day and night. For a more detailed explanation, you can check bitcoin.org.

What is a Bitcoin Wallet?
A Bitcoin wallet is software that enables users to receive, store and send coins. It’s the Bitcoin equivalent of a bank account. You will want to protect it the same way you do with your bank account.

What is a Bitcoin address?
A Bitcoin address, or simply address, is an identifier of 26-35 alphanumeric characters, beginning with the number 1 or 3, that represents a possible destination for a bitcoin payment. It may look something like this one: 1FfmbHfnpaZjKFvyi1okTjJJusN455paPH (that has transacted billions of dollars worth of BTC). You can create a QR code from your Bitcoin address as an easy way to share or store it.

What is Bitcoin Exchange?
Bitcoin exchange website allows you to buy bitcoin so you can use it for a deposit, make a purchase or sell bitcoin for cash. To do this, you need to link your bank account, so you will receive the funds directly to your bank. Some exchanges also offer a wallet option. They may allow you to buy and sell crypto with a credit card, but be careful as the fees are usually very high.

Is Using Bitcoin Safe?

Bitcoin is a very safe, fast, and inexpensive way to transfer money. But, there is one very important point that you should know; a Bitcoin transaction cannot be reversed. It can only be refunded by the person receiving the funds. This means you should take care to do business with people and organizations you know and trust, or who have an established reputation.

Also, you should be extra careful when entering the address because if you get it wrong, you could lose everything. Make sure to double and triple-check addresses before sending.

How long do transactions take?
It will depend on the traffic flowing through the Bitcoin network (the exchanges). Under normal traffic level, this will be 10 or 15 minutes. But in instances of heavy traffic, it may take hours.

If your transaction is pending for too long and still not confirmed, it means the transaction may not have gone through. You can check the status of all block-chain transactions here: https://live.blockcypher.com/

Are there any fees for using Bitcoin?
Yes, there are transaction fees or network fees when you send or receive Bitcoin. These are essentially processing fees paid for recording the transaction. The average daily transaction fee this year has been as low as $1.78 and as high as $62. The fee changes depending on how much traffic is on the network. It is best to make transactions when the traffic is at a low period, which means your fees will be lower.

Here is a short explainer video so that you can learn more:

Get Ready to Play Bitcoin Bingo in 5 easy Steps

  • STEP 1 – Set up a Bitcoin wallet (This is no more difficult than setting up an email account). You can learn more at Coinbase (https://www.coinbase.com/signup). This is a good place to start as they are a public company with millions of account holders. This is a trustworthy site, but feel free to use any site that you feel comfortable with.
  • STEP 2 – Add funds to your Bitcoin wallet using your Credit Card or Bank Wire.
  • STEP 3 – Log into your Bingo account, go to the CASHIER section and then select Bitcoin.
  • STEP 4 – Enter the dollar amount that you want to deposit and click confirm.
  • STEP 5 – On your screen, you will see the Bitcoin amount you have to send in BTC (Bitcoin currency) and the “Address to Send to”.
  • FINAL STEP – Go back to your Bitcoin wallet and send the funds using the info provided in Step 5 above.

Once you have done this a few times, you will realize how simple it is. As soon as the Bitcoin arrives in your account, you are ready to start playing bingo.

Now that you know how everything works. Now it is time to find out Where to Play Online Bingo with Bitcoin


We hope that you now know how to play online bingo with bitcoin. Aside from the above benefits, most online bingo sites encourage the use of bitcoin. This means they are offering special incentives to all players who want to give it a try. Cryptocurrency is starting to become mainstream. Get ahead of the crowd and start playing bitcoin bingo today.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bitcoin Bingo

Can I withdraw my bingo winnings in Bitcoin?
Absolutely. It will not only be faster than other payout options, but the fees will also be lower. To withdraw funds, you need to reverse the five steps above. You can get your address from your Bitcoin wallet. You enter your Bitcoin address and the amount to withdraw and wait for the bingo site to approve your withdrawal.
What games can I play with Bitcoin?
Once your funds have been deposited into your bingo players account, you can play any of the games available on the site. That includes bingo, slots, table games, keno, and everything else on offer.
Are there any advantages to playing bingo with Bitcoin?
As you can see on our Where to Play Bitcoin Bingo page, you can look forward to lots of extra bonuses when you choose Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals. It is worthwhile for you to consider it.
Do all bingo sites accept Bitcoin?
No, not all bingo sites accept Bitcoin. But, since we are a supporter of this payment option, all of the sites that we promote do offer this option to our bingo players.

Join the Springtime Bingo Tourney at BingoSpirit

Springtime Bingo TourneyThe Bingo Spirit Springtime Bingo Tourney is here to make everything a little bit brighter. The top 30 players will get nicely rewarded in this tourney. The winner will receive a whopping $1,800 cash prize all runners-up will receive a Free Play Bingo Bonus in these multi-part guaranteed games.

Games will all be Multi-part Guaranteed games $30.00 / $30.00 / $30.00. Starting on a small pattern, then a nature-themed pattern, and finishing on a coverall, there’s plenty to get stuck into.

Have fun this March with the Springtime Bingo Tourney

The event kicks off each week from midnight EST Fridays through to 11:59 PM EST on Saturday in the Bingo Spirit Seasonal bingo room. Excitingly, all games are Top of the Hour and will play every hour.

Cards are just $0.35 each for this Tourney. Additionally, they are giving you the chance to boost your odds of winning through this promo. Just Buy 7 cards, and you get 3 for Free!

The breakdown of prizes are as follows:

Ranking – Prizes – Balance
1st Place – $1,800.00 – Cash
2nd Place – $900.00 – Free Play Bonus
3rd Place – $450.00 – Free Play Bonus
4th Place – $225.00 – Free Play Bonus
5th Place – $120.00 – Free Play Bonus
6th – 10th Place – $60.00 – Free Play Bonus
11th – 20th Place – $30.00 – Free Play Bonus
21th – 30th Place – $15.00 – Free Play Bonus

See you there this Friday and Saturday.


The Winter Bing-O-lympics has Started at Canadian Dollar Bingo

Winter Bing-O-lympicsCanadian Dollar Bingo is bringing the Winter Games excitement to the bingo rooms! In the spirit of the Winter Olympics they are hosting the Winter Bing-O-lympics to add a competitive edge to the games.

Compete to win your share of OVER $150,000 in GUARANTEED CASH, hit a $10,000 JACKPOT EVERY HOUR, win EXTRA Prizes, and take part in (4) $1,000 CASH Grand Prize Draws, all while having an online bingo blast in chat!

Contest games will be available at the beginning of each contest week. Card prices range between 25c-$1, with fantastic jackpots and a special Buy 30 Get 5 Offer on all cards to help you hit the jackpots.

Play Hard and Win Hard in the Winter Bing-O-lympics

Participating couldn’t be easier, you just need to deposit, play, and bingo on the contest games in the main room throughout the day.

– Each contest game win gets you 1 point into the weekly contest.
– Every $10 wagered on contest games gets you 2 points into the weekly contest.
– Each deposit made within the weekly contest gets you 3 points into the ranking.

Weekly winners will be selected randomly or by the top 5 depending on the contest week, so every player has a fair chance to win.

Extra Prizes
Place – Prize Extra – Grand Prize
1st – $250 BBS – 25 Entries
2nd – $150BBs – 20 Entries
3rd – $100 BBs – 15 Entries
4th – $75 BBs – 10 Entries
5th – $50BBs – 5 Entries

* Players from 6th to last in the ranking will also get 1 Grand Prize Entry. That’s right, a single win on one of the ‘Contest’ patterns could win you $1,000 CASH!!!!

+ Chat Special! Starting February 1st and until February 28th all players will be put into five different teams (i.e. Blue, Yellow, White, Green, or Red) by the chat host. Deposit at Canadian Dollar Bingo and win with your team’s ball color while playing in chat and claim one of the extra prizes. All site rules apply.

Weekly Grand Draws! (4x $1,000 CASH Prizes)

CanadianDollarBingo will randomly select the GRAND PRIZE weekly winners among all qualifying players at the end of each contest week. Remember, the more entries you collect, the more chances you have to win it.

(1st Prize) $500 CASH.
(2nd Prize) $350 CASH.
(3rd Prize) $150 CASH.

What are you waiting for? On your marks… Get set…Pre-buy your cards now!

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