Bingo Village Bunny Hop Games: An Exciting Evening of Jackpot Prizes

Bingo Village Bunny Hop GamesGet ready for a hopping good time at the Bingo Village Bunny Hop Games! Mark your calendars for Wednesday, March 27th, from 6 pm to Midnight for six hours of non-stop fun and excitement in the Roxy Theater Room.

Jumping Jackpot Prizes Await

During the event, players can enjoy a variety of thrilling Jumping Jackpot games with fantastic prizes up for grabs. Here’s a look at the Jackpot Prize Schedule:

  • 8pm ET Hour: $150 Coverall Game FIXED Jackpot!
  • 9pm ET Hour: $150 Coverall Game FIXED Jackpot!
  • 10pm ET Hour: $150 Coverall Game FIXED Jackpot!
  • 11pm ET Hour: $350 Coverall Game FIXED Jackpot!

Lucky Charms Game Bonus

But wait, there’s more! Participate in the Lucky Charms Game for a chance to win additional bonus prizes. Bingo on any of the Lucky Patterns with an EVEN ball and receive a special bonus prize. Here are the Lucky Patterns and their corresponding bonuses:

  • Leprechaun Hat: $7 Bonus
  • Pot O’ Gold: $17 Bonus
  • Shamrock: $27 Bonus

Don’t miss out on these extra chances to win big!

Claim Your Prizes with Bingo Village Bunny Hop Games

To claim your prizes, simply submit your claims by opening a Help Desk Ticket with the Game IDs. It’s quick and easy!

Pre-Buys Available Now for the Bingo Village Bunny Hop Games

Secure your spot in the Bunny Hop Games by taking advantage of pre-buys, available now. Don’t wait until the last minute—grab your tickets early and ensure you don’t miss a minute of the action!

Join us for an unforgettable evening of excitement and prizes at the BingoVillage Bunny Hop Games. See you there!

For more information read our detailed Bingo Village Review.


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Join the $15M Amigo Bingo Slots Tournament

Amigo Bingo Slots TournamentEmbark on a Unique Adventure in this Exclusive $15 Million Amigo Bingo Slots Tournament Showdown! Unleash the Thrill, Play, and Snag Enormous Jackpots! It runs from December 1st-31st, 2023.

Dive into the excitement as the slot machines shower over $15 million in winnings every month, and now it’s your golden opportunity to claim a share of this massive cash bounty. In the previous month alone, Amigo celebrated an astonishing 1000+ jackpots exceeding $1,000, with more than 425 surpassing $2,000 and an impressive 250 surpassing the $3,000 mark.

Amigo Bingo Slots Tournament has the Grandest Jackpots

Indulge in the thrill of your favorite casino games while vying against fellow enthusiasts for extra rewards. Let the triumphs commence!

How? Chart your course to victory each week from December 1st to December 31st, 2023, by engaging in any of our beloved Casino Games (including Parlay and Mobilots) to qualify. Weekly, you can join a random draw or the top 5 leaderboard, amplifying your chances to earn rewards beyond your jackpot triumphs.

Deposit during the ongoing contest week and revel in the joy of victory, as we automatically tally your points for the corresponding weekly tournament.

Curious about accumulating points?

Garner 5 points for each deposit made during every weekly tournament.
Accumulate 3 points for every $30 wagered on Mobilots.
Secure 1 point for every $50 wagered on Parlay Slots and Casino Games.

Weekly Rewards:

1st Place – $300 CASH + 200% Extra Bonus
2nd Place – $200 CASH + 150% Extra Bonus
3rd Place – $100 CASH + 100% Extra Bonus
4th Place – $100 BingoBucks + 100% Extra Bonus
5th Place – $50 BingoBucks + 100% Extra Bonus

That’s a dazzling $3,000 in supplementary prizes waiting to be claimed alongside the colossal cash jackpots! Check the dates and rankings below to gauge your standing.

Stay in the loop by following Amigo Bingo on Facebook for updates on new avenues to seize exclusive deposit deals and freebie offers.

Unleash the excitement with fantastic chats, engaging online bingo games, colossal jackpots, and much more. Don’t let this thrilling experience pass you by!

Pre-purchase options available.


Exploring the Pros and Cons of Canadian Dollar Bingo: Is It Worth the Bet?

Canadian Dollar Bingo is an online bingo platform that offers a unique and tailored experience for Canadian players. With its focus on the Canadian market, this platform provides various advantages and disadvantages to those who choose to play there. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of Canadian Dollar Bingo, helping you make an informed decision about whether it’s the right choice for you.

Pros and Cons of Canadian Dollar Bingo

Pros of Playing at Canadian Dollar Bingo

Easy Currency Conversion

One significant advantage of playing at Canadian Dollar Bingo is the ease of currency conversion. As a Canadian player, you won’t have to worry about converting your funds to a different currency. All the games, deposits, and withdrawals are conducted in Canadian dollars, eliminating the need for complex calculations or potential currency exchange fees.

Lower Transaction Fees

Another benefit of playing at Canadian Dollar Bingo is the lower transaction fees associated with Canadian payment methods. Since the platform caters specifically to Canadian players, it often supports popular payment options in the country, such as Interac or Canadian credit cards. This means you can enjoy faster and more affordable transactions compared to platforms that don’t cater specifically to Canadian players.

Exclusive Canadian Promotions

Canadian Dollar Bingo frequently offers exclusive promotions and bonuses for Canadian players. These promotions may include special tournaments, bonus offers, or even unique prizes tailored to the Canadian audience. By playing at Canadian Dollar Bingo, you have the opportunity to participate in these exclusive promotions and potentially win additional rewards.

Familiar Payment Options

Playing at Canadian Dollar Bingo ensures that you’ll have access to familiar payment options commonly used in Canada. Whether you prefer Interac, credit cards, or other Canadian payment methods, you can rest assured that Canadian Dollar Bingo supports these options. This familiarity adds convenience and a sense of security to your online gaming experience.

For further information, we encourage you to peruse our comprehensive article regarding Canadian Dollar Bingo payment options.

Support for Canadian Charities

Canadian Dollar Bingo takes pride in supporting Canadian charities. By playing at this platform, you contribute to the funding of various charitable organizations in Canada. This means that while you enjoy your favorite bingo games, you also contribute to causes that make a positive impact within your own country.

Cons of Playing at Canadian Dollar Bingo

Limited Game Selection

One potential drawback of playing at Canadian Dollar Bingo is the relatively limited game selection compared to larger, international platforms. Since Canadian Dollar Bingo focuses primarily on catering to Canadian players, the variety of games available might not be as extensive as some other online bingo platforms.

Fewer Jackpot Prizes

Similarly, due to the platform’s narrower player base, Canadian Dollar Bingo might have fewer jackpot prizes compared to larger international platforms. While there are still opportunities to win significant prizes, the prize pools may not reach the same heights as those found in larger, more global bingo platforms.

Time Zone Differences

Canadian Dollar Bingo operates according to Eastern Standard Time (EST). If you’re located in a different time zone within Canada or in another country, this could impact your gaming experience. It’s essential to consider the time difference when planning your gameplay and participation in time-sensitive promotions or events.

Limited Language Options

As a platform tailored specifically for Canadian players, Canadian Dollar Bingo may have limited language options. The primary language used on the platform is likely to be English, which could be a disadvantage if you’re more comfortable playing in another language.

Availability of Canadian Players

While Canadian Dollar Bingo primarily caters to Canadian players, it’s worth noting that the availability of Canadian players might vary. Depending on the time of day and other factors, the number of players online may fluctuate. This could impact the player interaction and overall gaming experience, particularly if you prefer a bustling and lively bingo community.

Conclusion on the Pros and Cons of Canadian Dollar Bingo

Playing at Canadian Dollar Bingo offers several advantages for Canadian players. The ease of currency conversion, lower transaction fees, exclusive promotions, familiar payment options, and the opportunity to support Canadian charities are all compelling reasons to consider playing on this platform. However, it’s important to be aware of the potential drawbacks, such as a limited game selection, fewer jackpot prizes, time zone differences, limited language options, and fluctuations in the availability of Canadian players. By weighing the pros and cons, you can determine if Canadian Dollar Bingo aligns with your preferences and gaming expectations.


Can I play at Canadian Dollar Bingo if I’m not from Canada?

Yes, you can play at Canadian Dollar Bingo even if you’re not from Canada. The platform welcomes players from around the world, although it caters specifically to the Canadian market.

What are the payment options available at Canadian Dollar Bingo?

Canadian Dollar Bingo offers various payment options, including Interac, credit cards, and other popular Canadian payment methods.

Are there any exclusive promotions for Canadian players?

Yes, Canadian Dollar Bingo frequently offers exclusive promotions and bonuses specifically for Canadian players. These promotions provide additional opportunities to win rewards and enhance your gaming experience.

How can I support Canadian charities through playing at Canadian Dollar Bingo?

By playing at Canadian Dollar Bingo, a portion of the platform’s revenue goes towards supporting Canadian charities. This means that your gameplay contributes to charitable causes within Canada.

Can I play at Canadian Dollar Bingo on my mobile device?

Yes, Canadian Dollar Bingo is compatible with various mobile devices. You can enjoy your favorite bingo games on smartphones and tablets by accessing the platform’s mobile website or using their dedicated mobile app.

If you’re interested in learning more about Canadian Dollar Bingo, we invite you to read our detailed Canadian Dollar Bingo Review. This review covers various aspects of the platform, including its features, games, promotions, and more, giving you a comprehensive overview to aid in your decision-making process.

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Red, White, and Bingo: Unleash the Excitement at CyberBingo 4th of July

CyberBingo 4th of JulyThe 4th of July is a day filled with joy, fireworks, and unforgettable celebrations. CyberBingo is taking the excitement to a whole new level with our exclusive CyberBingo 4th of July event. Prepare yourself for an evening of thrilling bingo games, camaraderie with fellow players, and a chance to win your share of an astonishing $/€25,000 in cash prizes!

Mark your calendars and gather your bingo roomies for an unforgettable Independence Day celebration in the Tropical Bingo room. The festivities kick off at 6pm EDT on Tuesday, July 4th. Prepare for an extraordinary bingo experience like no other as CyberBingo presents the first of our $/€5,000 Coverall minimum $/€500 4th of July Special bingo games.

Patriotic Bingo Party: Join CyberBingo 4th of July Experience

Throughout the evening, there will be a total of five special bingo games, with one game starting at the top of each hour until the final game at 10pm EDT. Each game offers a fantastic chance to win cash prizes from our incredible $/€25,000 prize pool. With a card cost of just $/€2.00 per card, you can enjoy hours of exciting gameplay and compete for big winnings.

The Tropical Bingo room will be adorned with a festive atmosphere, creating the perfect setting for your 4th of July celebrations. Engage in friendly competition with your fellow players and experience the thrill as each number is called. Will you be the lucky winner to shout “Bingo!” and claim your piece of the impressive cash prizes?

Join the $/€25,000 Independence Day Bingo Extravaganza!

Joining the CyberBingo 4th of July event is easy. Simply visit their website and navigate to the Tropical Bingo room. Purchase your bingo cards for the 4th of July Special games, and get ready to immerse yourself in the excitement. Remember, each card costs just $/€2.00, offering incredible value for your chance to win big.

Don’t miss out on this sensational opportunity to celebrate Independence Day with CyberBingo. Invite your friends, bring your lucky charms, and prepare for an evening of unforgettable entertainment. Join in on Tuesday, July 4th, starting at 6pm EDT, and experience the $/€25,000 Independence Day Bingo Extravaganza like never before.


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Uncover Unforgettable Vegas Crest Flag Day Surprises

Vegas Crest Flag DayPrepare to immerse yourself in an extraordinary Vegas Crest Flag Day experience like no other. Let’s honor the American flag on Wednesday, June 14th. You are invited to revel in the spirit of independence and unity with sensational casino bonuses, totaling a whopping 1200%!

Mark this special occasion by seizing the remarkable Flag Day Bonuses. Enhance your chances of hitting the jackpot across a vast array of thrilling casino games. Enjoy the opportunity to claim the massive 400% Flag Day casino bonus twice, alongside an exhilarating 200% Flag Day casino bonus, also redeemable twice. These astounding bonuses are exclusively available from 12:01am EDT to 11:59pm EDT on Wednesday, June 14th. That’s four incredible bonuses to choose from, ensuring an unforgettable Flag Day celebration at Vegas Crest Casino.

Experience the Ultimate Vegas Crest Flag Day Celebration!

Here is the breakdown of the bonuses that are available.

Bonus / Deposit Amount / Reward
Flag Day Bonus 1 / $/€ 30 or more / 200% Casino Bonus
Flag Day Bonus 2 / $/€ 30 or more / 200% Casino Bonus
Flag Day Bonus 3 / $/€ 60 or more / 400% Casino Bonus
Flag Day Bonus 4 / $/€ 60 or more / 400% Casino Bonus

Why miss out on this extraordinary opportunity? Join Vegas Crest Casino in paying tribute to Old Glory while indulging in your favorite casino games, all thanks to their mind-blowing 400% and 200% Flag Day bonuses—each available for double the excitement.

Make sure to mark your calendars for Wednesday, June 14th, between 12:01am EDT and 11:59pm EDT, as these phenomenal Flag Day bonuses await your arrival. It’s as simple as making a qualifying deposit of $/€ 30 or more and selecting one of our sensational Flag Day Bonuses when funding your account.

Embrace the Flag Day spirit with Vegas Crest Casino and let the gaming festivities begin!


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Last Updated : June 14, 2023

Win Big with Winter Slot Extravaganza: $1,500 in Guaranteed Prizes and $500 Top Prize

Winter Slot ExtravaganzaGet ready for thrilling slot action and amazing prizes in the Bingo Spirit Winter Slot Extravaganza! Every Wednesday and Thursday, forget about the cold weather and heat up your gameplay with a huge selection of popular slots.

Play between 12:01 AM EST on Wednesday and 11:59 PM EST on Thursday for a chance to win $1,500 in guaranteed prizes every week. Opt in now for your chance to take home the top prize of $500 in cash. With an equalized win over 5 rounds, your winter just got a lot more exciting!

Winter Slot Extravaganza with Amazing Prizes

Escape the winter chills in the Winter Slot Extravaganza. Take your pick of any of these popular slot games: Whale Wild, Seagull, Bigfoot Yeti, Stay Frosty, Jack Frost, Snow Wonder, Whale O’ Winnings, Winter Wonders, Ice Picks, Frontside Spin, Yeti Hunt and Yak, Yeti & Roll.

Are you ready to banish the winter chills? Play the Bingo Spirit hottest winter-themed slots in our Winter Slot Extravaganza every Wednesday and Thursday from 12:01 AM EST to 11:59 PM EST. With a weekly prize pool of $1,500, the top 20 players will have a chance to win fantastic prizes. To participate, Opt-in and aim for the best equalized win over 5 rounds to win the top prize of $500 every week.

Winners will be rewarded with the following prizes:

1st Place: $500 cash
2nd Place: $250 cash
3rd Place: $150 cash
4th Place: $100 universal bonus
5th Place: $75 universal bonus
6th – 10th Place: $50 universal bonus
11th – 15th Place: $25 universal bonus
16th – 20th Place: $10 universal bonus
Ranking will be determined by the best equalized win over 5 rounds.

Join the Winter Slot Extravaganza of squash those winter blues.


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Last Updated : February 22, 2023

Win big in the Amazing Bingo Race at Canadian Dollar Bingo!

Amazing Bingo RaceAre you ready for an unbelievable online bingo adventure? Get ready to pack your bags and compete for over $150,000 in cash jackpots every month in the Amazing Bingo Race, starting this January 2023 at Canadian Dollar Bingo.

All roomies will be traveling around the world, competing in chat challenges and conquering game obstacles, all in the hopes of bringing home these amazing cash prizes. And it’s easy to participate! Simply place a deposit during the present week (Sunday-Saturday EST), bingo on the contest games, and get in the ranking to play for over $150,000 in guaranteed cash.

But that’s not all – every destination game won will automatically earn you one entry into the $1,000 Grand Prize Draw and weekly extra prizes at the end of each contest week in January. This is where the fun and true winning adventure begins!

Your itinerary includes everything from dreamy once-in-a-lifetime destinations to iconic landmarks along the way. The possibilities are endless as you strive to win big at our Amazing Bingo Race.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your passports and get ready to win big at our Amazing Bingo Race. Follow us for updates on the itinerary, and don’t forget to make your deposit and play the contest games for your chance to win over $150,000 in cash jackpots every month. Happy travels and good luck!

Amazing Bingo Race has Amazing Bingo Prizes

Are you ready to embark on a winning journey? Look no further because every week you could be the lucky winner of one of the Canadian Dollar Bingo weekly extra prizes. Here is a breakdown of the prizes you could win:

1st Place: $200 FREE BBs + 200% Extra Deposit Bonus
2nd Place: $150 FREE BBs + 150% Extra Deposit Bonus
3rd Place: $125 FREE BBs + 125% Extra Deposit Bonus
4th Place: $100 FREE BBs + 100% Extra Deposit Bonus
5th Place: $50 FREE BBs + 50% Extra Deposit Bonus

But the winning doesn’t stop there! At the end of the contest, all players with 15 or more points in the contest rankings will participate in a special raffle to become the winner of the $1,000 CASH GRAND PRIZE.

This promotion is filled with impressive architectural landmarks, natural beauty, and a variety of iconic games from destinations all over the world. With so many different places to choose from, narrowing down your playing options can be challenging. That’s why we have pre-buys available, so you don’t miss out on any of the action.

Bon voyage, roomies! Get ready to explore new places and win big while you’re at it. Don’t miss out on your chance to win these incredible prizes and participate in the grand prize draw. Start playing now and good luck!


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Last Updated : June 14, 2023

The Holly Jolly Bingo Room is now Open at Bingo Australia

Holly Jolly Bingo RoomThis year Bingo Australia is decking the halls with bingo balls in the Holly Jolly Bingo Room! Whether you have been naughty or nice, you will have a chance of taking home some festive prizes this month! There is over $35,000 in GUARANTEED CASH JACKPOTS to be won. The event will take place in The Weekend Room every Saturday, Sunday and Monday at 3pm AEDT in December 2022 + January 2nd, 2023.

Oh What Fun it is to Win in the Holly Jolly Bingo Room

Deposit, play, and win… it’s that easy. The hour starts with a $100 BBS FREEBIE GAME (one of the most popular games). After that game is over, you will play the $25,000, $10,000, $5,000, and $2,500 Coveralls, followed by exciting themed $250-$500 multipart GUARANTEED SEED games with an additional buy-in % in return that will make jackpots grow even higher. The more players join the room, the higher the jackpots – No Jackpot Cap. (60 Cards MAX).

Bingo cards are available for $0.50 per card and to help spread the holiday cheer Bingo Australia have added a promotional offer – a buy 45 get 5 free deal that guarantees you will have a winning good time – Prebuy your tickets or enter the room at least 5 minutes before so you don’t miss out on this event.

There’s More! Everyone in the Nice List with a deposit made in the present week will be entered to WIN our Holly Jolly raffle (Prizes: Team Bingo entries, free bingo bucks, Cash, Free Spins and more) Buy tickets with BONUS money as well as cash and winnings.

Get ready for the $500,000 Holly Jolly Bingo Room Christmas special this December. Every weekend there will be freebies, deposit deals and special offers waiting for you. The more you play, the more you win! Have a Holly Jolly Holiday, Roomies!

Join the Amigo Bingo $250,000 Anniversary Bingo Fiesta

Anniversary Bingo FiestaThere is no time for a siesta as AmigoBingo is having an anniversary bingo fiesta with amazing jackpots! Another year down and another reason to party – celebrate 23 years of bingo with your favorite online bingo site!

The Amigo Bingo anniversary has always been a great reason to celebrate with all bingo roomies. This year is no exception, so starting this November, they are giving away $250,000 in CASH JACKPOTS, OVER $5,000 in EXTRA Prizes. Hang with the chat hosts and celebrate; the party is not just a celebration of how long they have been part of the bingo community, but also a way to say THANK YOU TO THE ROOMIES who have been supporting Amigo through the years.

Contest games will be available at the beginning of each contest week. Card prices range between 25c-$1, with fantastic jackpots and a special Buy 30 Get 5 Offer on all cards to help you hit the jackpots.

Celebrate 23 Years of Amigo in the Anniversary Bingo Fiesta

How to participate in this bingo contest?

You need to deposit, play, and bingo on the contest games in the main room throughout the day.

• Each contest game win gets you 1 point into the online bingo weekly contest.
• Every $10 wagered on contest games gets you 2 points into the weekly contest.
• Each deposit made within the weekly contest gets you 3 points into the ranking.

Weekly winners will be selected randomly or by the top 5 depending on the contest week, so every player has a fair chance to win. Here are the prizes that are available to the winners:

1st Place – $150 FREE BBs + 200% Extra Dep Bonus
2nd Place – $100 FREE BBs + 150% Extra Dep Bonus
3rd Place – $75 FREE BBs + 125% Extra Dep Bonus
4th Place – $50 FREE BBs + 100% Extra Dep Bonus
5th Place – $25 FREE BBs + 100% Extra Dep Bonus

Weekly Grand Prizes! (4x $1,000 CASH DRAW)

Amigo Bingo will randomly select the GRAND PRIZE weekly winners among all qualifying players at the end of each contest week. Remember, the more entries you collect, the more chances you have to win it.

• (1st Prize) $500 CASH.
• (2nd Prize) $350 CASH.
• (3rd Prize) $150 CASH.

Break out a tequila bottle, join the fiesta every day throughout November, and get ready to fill your pockets with mucho dinero. Holy Guacamole, this will be fun, don’t miss it!


Join the Trick or Treat Bingo Tourney at CyberBingo

Trick or Treat Bingo TourneyThroughout October, CyberBingo will run their weekly Trick or Treat Bingo Tourney. This will take place from 12:01AM EDT on Monday to 11:59PM EDT on Tuesday in the Halloween Bingo Tourney room, so don’t miss out. Games will play at the Top of the Hour. Every tourney plays as a multi-part guaranteed game of $31 / $31 / $31.

Each of the three parts plays out in various patterns starting with a small one. This is followed by Halloween patterned bingo games and finally with a coverall. To get in on the action, all you need to do is grab your cards. These are just $0.50 per card, and if you grab yourself, we’re giving you three free! So, what can you win? Well, each week, there’s a $3,300 prize pool up for grabs split between the top 40 players. However, if you come top of the lot, there’s a whopping $1,400 in cash — runners-up win Free Play Bingo Bonuses from CyberBingo.

The Trick or Treat Bingo Tourney is on Every Week in October

By joining in this special Halloween tournament you have the chance to win one of the following prizes:

Ranking / Prizes / Balance
1st Place – $1,400.00 – Cash
2nd Place – $700.00 – Free Play Bingo Bonus
3rd Place – $350.00 – Free Play Bingo Bonus
4th Place – $125.00 – Free Play Bingo Bonus
5th Place – $75.00 – Free Play Bingo Bonus
6th – 10th Place – $50.00 – Free Play Bingo Bonus
11th – 20th Place – $25.00 – Free Play Bingo Bonus
21st – 30th Place – $10.00 – Free Play Bingo Bonus
31th – 40th Place – $5.00 – Free Play Bingo Bonus

Tournament Details

Here is a quick summary of what you need to know about this special event:

What is it? – A weekly Bingo Tournament consisted of Top of the Hour Multi-Part games and a weekly prize pool of $3,300 rewarded to the top 40 players with a top prize of $1,400 in cash.

When is it? – The CyberBingo event takes place every week between Monday 12:01AM EDT and Tuesday 11:59PM EDT during the month of October.

How to join? – Join in the Halloween Bingo Tourney Room and play the Top of the Hour Games with a card cost of $0.50 and an offer of Buy 7 cards get 3 free. Pre-order now!