Break the Bank at Aussie Dollar Bingo

bingo bankAussie Dollar Bingo is going to Rob the Bingo Bank and do some safe cracking. Monday night starting with the 7pm coverall and ending with the 9pm coverall.

Get Ready to Break the Bingo Bank at Aussie Dollar Bingo

How to Play; The coverall starts us off and the winner of the coverall is going to take themselves and 2 accomplices and rob the bank. The accomplices are chosen by the winning ball called. (example: N32 was last ball called then 3 up and 2 down from the bank robber in the chat list are the accomplices.

The Aussie Dollar Bingo bank robber will choose a number from 0 – 9, and will then count how many balls ending in that number are called in the next game. If 5 numbers ending in 2 come out, then the bank robbers will receive 5 special bb each. If winner of the bingo is not in chat then it will just carry over to the next game. If any of the robbers are not eligible for special bbs then the person next above them will be an accomplice. Every 2nd game a bank robber is chosen and the alternate games are safe cracking.

Break the Bank at Aussie Dollar Bingo as you play online bingo chat games.


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