Top 5 Bingo Sites on Twitter – Find the Best Bingo Accounts on Social Media

Top 5 Bingo Sites on TwitterTwitter is an online social networking service and that enables users to send and read messages of up to 140 characters. If you are not a Twitter user then you may not know how popular it is. It is a great way to spread your message to your followers or fans. Online bingo sites have taken on social media to communicate and interact with their bingo players. We have researched all the top bingo sites and their Twitter accounts and we would like to present to you the Top 5 Bingo Sites on Twitter.

For our measurement of the top sites, we have considered how many followers they have which shows their popularity and how many tweets they have made. The more tweets mean the more that they interact with their followers which increases their influence.


CyberBingo Twitter AccountCyberBingo Website

cyberbingoCyberBingo has been around for a long time and they have also been on Twitter for a long timer. They lead the pack when it comes to the top bingo sites on Twitter. The CyberBingo Twitter account boasts the following stats:

  • 1,039 Following
  • 575 Tweets

If you use Twitter and want to follow one of the most popular bingo sites then check out CyberBingo.


Jackpotjoy Twitter AccountJackpotjoy Website

JackpotjoyJackpotjoy is an extremely popular website for bingo players in the UK. They also have a very loyal Twitter following and rank number one in terms of total tweets. The Jackpotjoy Twitter account shows the following stats:

  • 71 Following
  • 1,686 Tweets

If are a bingo player from the UK and use Twitter then you should think about following Jackpotjoy.

Chitchat Bingo

Chitchat Bingo Twitter Account – Chitchat Bingo Website

chichatbingoChicthat Bingo is a very friendly bingo site and you can see that by the number of followers they have on Twitter. This is a great UK bingo site where the chat room is always buzzing. The Chitchat Bingo Twitter account shows the following stats:

  • 2,798 Following
  • 1,398 Tweets

If you like to chat while you play bingo and you are from the UK then check out the Twitter page for Chitchat Bingo.

Wink Bingo

Wink Bingo Twitter AccountWink Bingo Website

wink bingoWink Bingo is one of the big players in UK bingo. It is a fun place to play and you can keep up on all the happenings with their Twitter account. The Wink Bingo Twitter account shows the following stats:

  • 1,917 Following
  • 1,529 Tweets

For an exciting UK bingo site with great jackpots check out the Wink Bingo Twitter account for details.

Bingo Angels

Bingo Angels Twitter AccountBingo Angels Website

Bingo AngelsBingo Angels is a very popular bingo site for bingo players from around the world. There is always something fun going on and they are always sending out new tweets to keep everyone up to date. The Bingo Angels Twitter account shows the following stats:

  • 646 Following
  • 1,383 Tweets

If you want to become a Bingo Angel then you need to follow the angel’s Twitter account.

Top 5 Bingo Sites on Twitter

There were a few other bingo sites that could have made it into our Top 5 Bingo Sites on Twitter, but they have not been active recently so we have not included them. If you would like to keep up on all the latest bingo news and promotions then you can also follow Bingoguy Twitter account. We hope that you have enjoyed this article on the top 5 bingo sites on Twitter and please feel free to comment or share.

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Last Updated : March 2, 2023

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