The $10K Thanksgiving Turkey Trot Bingo Contest Starts Tomorrow

Thanksgiving Turkey Trot BingoAmigo Bingo have completed a few $5K Thanksgiving Turkey Trot Bingo Contests in the past, so they are going for a $10K challenge this year to keep those competitive juices flowing. Not only that, but every game will offer a $5K PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT to keep everyone motivated throughout the race.

“Lace up your sneakers” or grab your favorite snack and join Amigo Bingo in the main room, starting November 25th, 2021.

Win Big in the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot Bingo

Run Information:

The games will cost between $0.35 and $0.50 per card. On the day of the run, you will need to Check-In at Nov 25th at 9 am EST. Play will be in the Main Bingo Room Games which will have a ‘Buy 30, Get 5 FREE Card Offer. This will give all players the strength and endurance needed to support the $10K distance, and a higher chance to make it all the way.

This $10K CASH RACE is open to players of all loyalty levels, and payout ratios and welcomes players from our sister sites as well. Advanced prebuys are encouraged, but game race day walk-ups are welcome. Trot over to Amigo Bingo, Thursday, November 25th, and have fun making it to the finish line by November 28th.