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Get ready to play a challenging game, Vics Bingo Chat Game. Chess, different board games and, you guessed, bingo games, keep your brain active, healthier and make you happier! It’s proven that playing bingo improves your memory and mental speed!

Join CM Annie on Tuesday, March 13th in Vics Bingo Quarters room between 7 AM and 9 AM EST and let’s play some bingo! Pick a number and the CM will also pick a number. If your number is out before the CM’s, type “bingo + your number + Star”. If the CM’s number is out, type as fast as you can “Got you Annie”. The first roomies to do so will win 6 BBs. Good luck bingo players from Vics Bingo!!!


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All you need to do is sign up and play free bingo games as soon as you are ready. You can receive $25 free to play real bingo games for free or you can simply select our free bingo game room and win real money too from Vics Bingo!