Join the New Moon Bingo Party at South Beach Bingo

New Moon Bingo PartyWe’re sure you’ll be over the moon to hear about this Grand Million Dollar New Moon Bingo Party! There’s plenty going on to justify its mouthful of a moniker, with games galore, plentiful prizes and pots of up to $200,000 to play for, so join South Beach Bingo on September 20th as we go loony for this lunar event!

A Night of Lunacy in the New Moon Bingo Party

They are offering total prizes of over $2,000,000. Let’s Go Walking on the Moon! Here is what they have in store for you:

+ One hour of Speed Games with a fixed prize of $5,000 on every 5th call
+ Pots reaching up to $200,000 in online bingo games
+ For the whole event you’ll get: 16 cards free for every 20 bought
+ Fireworks Pattern with a fixed prize of $5,000 on all calls every hour
+ 2 Speedy Coveralls per hour with: $15,000 on the first 50 calls per hour
+ Unlimited BBs* 50BBS during the party per correct chat game claim

Join the party this week at South Beach Bingo.