Grab Your Haunted Bingo Treats this Sunday at Bingo Fest

Haunted Bingo TreatsIn October you’ll discover irresistible Haunted Bingo treats at Bingo Fest they bring you exciting bingo games and fantastic cash prizes to be won. You can play their exclusive Bingo Treat games on Sunday, October 27 EDT. Join the spooky hunt to win amazing prizes with the following Halloween bingo patterns:

– Reaper
– Scarecrow
– Spider Web
– Tombstone
– Trick or Treat
– Witch
– Zombie
– Werewolf

High or Low Haunted Bingo Treats for big fun

These special Haunted Bingo Treats will play twice on each day in the Halloween Bingo room with the first games playing between 7:00AM EDT and 9:00AM EDT. The Haunted bingo fun does not stop there, these fun filled games will play again between 7:00PM EDT and 9:00PM EDT, guaranteeing even more haunted bingo fun and excitement with cash prizes of up to $150 to be won.

Each game plays for a high or low prize pot of $150 / $50 with a card cost of only $0.25 a card. With a special Halloween Treat of a Buy 9 Get 3 Free offer on all games, that’s more chances to be a winner playing Bingo Fest Haunted Bingo Treat games on Sunday, October 27 EDT.

Grab yourself a special Haunted Bingo Treat by entering the code HAUNTED19 between 7:00PM EDT and 9:00PM EDT on Sunday, October 13 EDT. Bingo Fest will reward you with a free play bingo bonus to play the Haunted Bingo Treat games for free.