Bingo Bonus Codes and Bingo Promo Codes

When you see the term Bingo Bonus Code, I’m sure you might be slightly confused as to what exactly this means. Well we will tell you exactly what they are, what they do, and most importantly, where you can find them. Call us a Online Bonus Code Guide if you will, as we have all the information you will need to play the Best Online bingo Games.

What is a Bingo Promo Code?
A Bingo Bonus Code is a redeemable voucher given to you by an Online Bingo Hall when you create an account with them. (e.g. Party Bingo bonus codes) It is often used as both an reward and a discount and serves the dual purpose of rewarding you for joining the Online Bingo site. It is simple enough to understand, but many promo Codes work differently, depending on the Online Bingo and the player, however the most common Bonus Code is a 100% Bonus e.g. if you receive a 100% Bonus Code, it will be redeemable upon the completion of your first deposit. If you deposit 500 dollars, you will immediately be allowed to redeem your code and you will instantly receive another 500 dollars which you can use to play with.Essentially you are only paying 500 dollars for $1000 worth of playing money.

How Can I use a Bingo Bonus Code?
When you are looking for an Online Bingo to play at, you would have probably noticed many Online Gambling Sites offering you various Bonus Codes that will resemble this – PPlC100. This is what you will fill in to the open space that will read “Redeem Bonus Code” on your Bingo Account Page. This will then allow you to receive the reward which could be anywhere from an innocent 25 dollar no deposit Bonus Code to a 150% deposit Bonus Code. Although both will, in essence give you free money. One can be used before you deposit money, and the other will only be redeemable once you have deposited a certain amount of playing money (usually a minimum of $100) however, these are truly worth it as they often afford you the opportunity to double your playing money.

What to look for when choosing a Bingo Promo Code
Before you commit to a single Bonus Code or Online Bingo, it will serve you well to do a little research. First check into the Web Bingo Hall you will be playing at and to what games you might like to play. It would be a completely pointless exercise for a Bingo player to use a code for Slots at an Online Bingo site that is promoting Poker. You should always check to see what that code does before you play and if things are a little confusing, feel free to contact the Online Bingo support team to find out a little more information. They can usually be found on the contact page of the site. Besides giving you info on your Bonus Code, they will also be able to tell you a little more about the various promotions they have running, which will only help you and is never a bad thing to do anyway regardless if you have a Bingo Bonus Code or not.

What Online Bingo Games can I play with my Bingo Bonus Code?
The casino games available to play are determined by which site you visited to receive your Bingo Bonus Code, which site is promoting which game at that particular time and of course, which type of player you might be. VIP players will often get a little more freedom to choose which games to play – although this will come at a certain price, for example a preset deposit amount and the regularity of the deposits. Other Codes may only be redeemable for certain games, if for example, you found a Slots website, it would give you a code that can only be redeemed when you play certain Online Slots Games and the same rules will work for other games as well. Another Redeemable Bingo Promo Code will allow you to play all the Casino Games offered to you by an Online Bingo site, but this will once again come at a price.