Bingo Hall Masterpiece Tournament

Masterpiece Bingo TournamentThe art world has the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci and the online bingo world has its own work of art! The Bingo Hall Masterpiece Bingo Tournament! This special occasion gives you the chance to enjoy never before seen games! Join this exclusive event between May 18th and May 24th and witness bingo history in the making! There will be CASH prizes up for grabs so get ready to win big!

The Masterpiece Bingo Tournament is on this Week

Join Bingo Hall in the Dollar room this week and participate in the 4-PART GAMES EXHIBITION, a one-time only event!

The Exhibition opens for two hours every day, starting at 7 PM EST and they are showing off 4-part games with $1,000 prize every game. Have fun in this online bingo bonus event!


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