Bingo for Money Reverse Coveralls

Reverse Coveralls BingoEnjoy a twist of coverall delights at Bingo for Money. Reverse the odds in your favor by joining in the newest Reverse Coveralls bingo tournament! From November 30th to December 6th you have the unique opportunity to play the most exciting reverse coverall games and increase your rewards with every ‘bingo’ call you make! Pre-buy your cards now and get ready to stack up some serious cash piles with Bingo for Money!

Play Reverse Coveralls Bingo Now at Bingo for Money

To win this bingo bonus you need to:

Keep in mind that for every 6 cards you purchase, you receive 3 Free cards! Join your favorite room and let the fun begin:

Quarter room – 4PM-5PM EST
Dollar room – 7PM-9PM EST
Fusion room – 9PM-10PM EST
Supernova room – 10PM-12AM EST
Taboo room – 12AM-1AM EST
Afterhours lounge – 5AM-7AM EST

Make sure you are one of the top 3 players to win the most reverse coverall games in the designated rooms, this particular week and receive one of the following prizes:

1st prize – 500 BONUS
2nd prize – 300 BONUS
3rd prize – 200 BONUS

Good Luck and have fun as you play Bingo for Money Reverse Coveralls!


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