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Eyes Down Bingo New Year’s Eve Fireworks Spectacular

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In honour of the coming New Year, 2011, Eyes Down Bingo is hosting a contest to see who can set off the most spectacular fireworks display. The more fireworks you ignite, the more free tickets you’ll earn in the December 31st game that plays for a brilliant £2011 prize pool.

How do you light your fireworks? By winning Challenge games. Every Silver Bells Challenge game you win through December 30th earns you 3 free tickets in the big game. You can earn up to 60 free tickets.

For those of you with the most firepower, if you fill the sky with all 60 pyrotechnics, you’ll be rewarded with a special £10 bonus. See the progress of your fireworks display by visiting our in-game Promotions page (click “?” at the top right of the bingo game).

A special Linked UP game will play at 10pm GMT on December 31st. This three-part game will pay a guaranteed £2011 prize pool. Game tickets may also be purchased for £5 each.

To receive your free tickets in this event, you must click the *Enter Tickets* button on the Fireworks Display status page. You have until December 31st to claim any tickets you have earned. If you do not click the *Enter Tickets* button, any unclaimed tickets will not be entered into the big game.

If you would like to find out more than you read our Eyes Down Bingo Review or head on over and sign up now for experience the new bingo party live room.

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Redbus Bingo £75 Quids In

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Fishing for a win? You’ve come to the right place. The £75 Quids In game is no small fry – tickets for the 75 Ball game cost 50p and game plays daily at 8:30pm at Redbus Bingo. Tuck in me old mucker and hook your tickets for the daily game now for your chance to be squids in.

The bingo offer tickets cost 50p. The minimum number of tickets that can be purchased for this game is 1 and the maximum number of tickets is 48. Only funded RedBus Bingo players are eligible to participate in the game. Prize is £75 cash. If there is more than one winner, the monetary value of the prize will be split equally amongst the winners. By accepting the prize, winners are required to provide photos of themselves and a testimonial. Prize will be credited into winner’s account immediately after winning the game.


Posh Bingo £1k Crimbo Cracker

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Your stocking will runneth over this Christmas. Join in with Posh Bingo and Instant Tournament this December and win £1,000 worth of cash and cracking Posh pressies.

Jingle those Bingo balls and have some festive fun on the fruities this December with our latest Bingo and Instant Tournament, the £1k Crimbo Cracker!

Instead of a paper hat and joke, top the tournament leader_board between December 1st 2010 and January 3rd 2011 and win a selection of cash and posh electrical pressies to the value of £1,000. If you don’t fancy the prizes Posh Bingo will let you have the cash equivalent.

To win simply accumulate as many points as possible and top the Tournament Leader_board. Posh Bingo will reward you with points whenever you do the follow things. Tell me a joke will earn you 20 points. Bingo on the Xmas Cracker pattern will earn you 10 points. Every £1 wagered on Bingo games will earn you 2 points. Every £10 wagered on Instant Games will earn you 1 point.


CyberBingo Digging For Snowballs

Play Now at CyberBingoCyber Bingo is digging deeper during the month of December for some bigger Gifts. So grab your shovels and let the fun begin. This special will be too exciting to miss. Join CyberBingo in the Diamond Room Every Thursday in December 8pm and 12am ET and dig some snowballs.

Special Payouts for December as follow: Three Snowballs worth 20 BBs, if not won, pays 10 BBs in draw. Three Snowballs worth 50 BBs, if not won, pays 25 BBs in draw. Three Snowballs worth 80 BBs, if not won, pays 40 BBs in draw. Three Snowballs worth 100 BBs, if not won, pays 50 BBs in draw. Three Snowballs worth 200 BBs, if not won, pays 100 BBs in draw.


Is Bingo Easier to Play Online?

Bingo Online

Nowadays bingo online is massive online. It was originally a land based game, but is has bloomed into a fully-fledged beauty of an online game. So, is it easier to play bingo online or in a land-based game?

The principle of bingo is to achieve the correct pattern of numbers from the numbers called out. It is mainly down to luck as you are presented with pre-formed bingo cards with numbers on. So if your card does not have the number on it there is nothing ‘skillful’ you can do to change it. It is a game of chance. So surely this means the odds are the same wherever you play it?

Is Bingo Online for You?

Some could argue that playing in the comfort of your home without the excess noise of a bingo hall, you are more alert to the numbers called and will not miss them; something that can happen in land-based bingo. You are also less likely to have as many cards or sessions in land-based bingo because it is a little more expensive and you are there for a set amount of time. If you are playing online you can play at any time, therefore heightening your chance of collecting the winning numbers.

However, land-based bingo is very straightforward and explained clearly. The halls can get noisy so the caller is very clear and every aspect of the game is covered before you start. You also tend to have larger cash prizes in land-based games. There is less chance of fraud etc when money is not being handled online, something that online games have to be wary of.

Bingo Online Summary

So in a nutshell there is no one way of playing bingo that is easier to play or win at, it is all down to chance. You may discover you have a preference, so stick to that and hope that lady luck is on your side. We hope this has answered the question a lot of bingo online players want to know; Is Bingo Easier to Play Online?

123 Bingo Online Thank U

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123 Bingo Online is successful and 123 Bingo Online are zestful. 123 Bingo Onine is big and 123 Bingo Online is a brand. 123 Bingo Online is what it is today and that’s all because of you… so Thank U.

Bingo on the T-H-A-N-K-U patterns and win minimum guaranteed $50.And, Be the first one to create a T-H-A-N-K-U within a day and hit a generous 20 BBs!

Be the first one to create a T-H-A-N-K-U within a week (From Monday to Friday) and win Free Games along with 50 BBs. The games will play once every hour everyday in Green (Quarters) Room.

Lavish and liberal! Isn’t it? Well, that’s just one of the very special 123 ways of saying love you and 123 Bingo Online thank you for being the part of them.

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Dream Bingo Canada Mad Motorbikes Giveaway

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Between November 19th and November 31st get ready for some mad motorbike action. Look out for our Mad Motorbikes Game and get in on the fun and big bingo winnings.

Promotion games are played daily, please check the Game Schedule for details.

In the 90-Ball Room, Look out for the Mad Motorbikes Game. Get ONE LINE on this game and you win an extra 1 BBz prize. Get TWO LINES on this game and you win an extra 2 BBz prize. Get a FULL HOUSE on this game and you win an extra 3 BBz prize.

In the 75-Ball Room, Look out for the B-I-K-E Patterns to join the fun and wins. Win bingo on one or more separate patterns on the same day to get an extra prize. One pattern will get you an extra 1 BBz prize. Two separate patterns will get you an extra 2 BBz prize. Three or more patterns will get you an extra 3 BBz prize. BBz prizes will be credited automatically after a win.

Start Scheduling And Win HUGE Cash Now.


Chitchat Bingo The New Bingo Party Live room

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Chitchat Bingo is proud to announce the launch of a brand new bingo room – Bingo Party Live. It’s the best ever 75-ball bingo room yet.

The Bingo Live Team will be there joining in the party. The Bingo Party Live room is the new home for Ben, Emma, Rik, Maria, Tim, Matt and Carla every day from 5.30pm-8.30pm.

So if you fancy chitter chattering to your friends and partying until the wee hours then this is the bingo place for you. There are lots of fantastic bingo games to get the party started, including Value Bingo Games and BOGOFs!

Bingonanza Lucky for Some 13 Sundays

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For some, the number 13 is unlucky but, in these games, Bingonanza is giving you the chance to make it really pay off! Winners of the 8pm, 9pm and 10pm Linked Up game will receive an extra £13 bonus. Plus, if you bingo on lucky “13” on the final part of any Money Tree or Lucky Streak game during this time, you can claim a £113 prize in bonus! If you win on #13 between 8-11pm on Sunday, be sure to submit a claim with your winning game number to promo at in order to receive the £113 “Lucky for Some 13” bonus prize. Bonus will be awarded within 48 hours. Multiple winners on the same game will share the online bingo bonus prize.


South Beach Bingo Spaced Out Saturdays

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Spaced Out Saturdays at South Beach Bingo will boldly go to the outer reaches and beyond, bringing you back spaced out bonuses. What amount is in the stars for you? To find out each Saturday from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m., play the Star, Flying Saucer, Crazy ET and Crazy Orbit online bingo game patterns where the jackpots go spacey, changing with each call! ($75 to $100 guaranteed Jackpot).

If you would like to find out more than you read our South Beach Bingo Review or head on over and sign up now for Spaced Out Saturdays.