High Roller Fridays at Bingo Fest

Play Now at Bingo Fest

Here is an evening of Guaranteed Games from start to finish. Every Friday in the Tourney Room Bingo Fest from 6pm till 1am will offer you Guaranteed Online Bingo Games with escalating prizes starting from $35 up to a $1,000.

But that’s not all, Bingo Fest will offer you two opportunities to win $1,000 and one of these opportunities is FREE! Yes at 11pm there will play a $1,000 Free Game and a few minutes later there will play a Three Part Guaranteed Game of $250/$500/$1,000

Wait, there’s not done with you yet! To show you how grateful for you joining on Friday, Bingo Fest give you a whole hour (12am-1am) of Free Bingo! See you Friday.