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Is Bingo Easier to Play Online?

Bingo Online

Nowadays bingo online is massive online. It was originally a land based game, but is has bloomed into a fully-fledged beauty of an online game. So, is it easier to play bingo online or in a land-based game?

The principle of bingo is to achieve the correct pattern of numbers from the numbers called out. It is mainly down to luck as you are presented with pre-formed bingo cards with numbers on. So if your card does not have the number on it there is nothing ‘skillful’ you can do to change it. It is a game of chance. So surely this means the odds are the same wherever you play it?

Is Bingo Online for You?

Some could argue that playing in the comfort of your home without the excess noise of a bingo hall, you are more alert to the numbers called and will not miss them; something that can happen in land-based bingo. You are also less likely to have as many cards or sessions in land-based bingo because it is a little more expensive and you are there for a set amount of time. If you are playing online you can play at any time, therefore heightening your chance of collecting the winning numbers.

However, land-based bingo is very straightforward and explained clearly. The halls can get noisy so the caller is very clear and every aspect of the game is covered before you start. You also tend to have larger cash prizes in land-based games. There is less chance of fraud etc when money is not being handled online, something that online games have to be wary of.

Bingo Online Summary

So in a nutshell there is no one way of playing bingo that is easier to play or win at, it is all down to chance. You may discover you have a preference, so stick to that and hope that lady luck is on your side. We hope this has answered the question a lot of bingo online players want to know; Is Bingo Easier to Play Online?

USA Bingo Games

USA Bingo Games

To play USA bingo games the first thing that you need to know is that the most popular version of online bingo in the USA is 75 ball bingo. In this game the bingo card has 5 rows and 5 columns with one free space in the middle. You can read this 75 Ball Bingo article to learn more details of how to play and how to win. USA bingo players have been playing this popular version of bingo at their local bingo hall for years. Now with the growing popularity of online bingo they can play it online.

Play USA Bingo Games

USA bingo games are designed specifically for bingo players in North America. Deposits and withdrawals are made in US Dollars. As well all games and prizes and bingo promotions are played and won using USD. Of course the main language for USA bingo games is English, although there are now some online bingo sites that also offer a Spanish version. This is most important for the chat feature. Many USA bingo players will join a new bingo sites as much for the chat interaction as for the bingo games and prizes on offer.

There is some debate as to whether or not playing online bingo is a form of gambling. If you speak with most USA bingo players they will tell you that the main reason they play is for the social aspect. It is just the bingo games that bring them together and give them something in common. USA bingo games can be played at many different bingo sites online. As some of the usual payment processors do not accept transactions with certain bingo halls you need to check with each individual bingo site to see what types of payments options are available.

USA bingo games are also scheduled for the North American time zones. If you were to play on a UK bingo site, than because of the time difference there may not be many players around when you play or you may miss out on the big jackpot bingo bonus games as they may be played in the middle of the night in your time zone. It is definitely a good idea to check the bingo game schedule when you sign up at a new bingo site to take full advantage of all of the great bingo deals available when you find bingo USA.

Find USA Bingo Games

As Canada, the neighbor to the north, is now allowing bingo players to join online bingo games we are hopeful that in the not too distant future USA bingo games will be available to all players with unrestricted payment options. If this does happen than most likely the USA bingo market will surpass that of the UK and be the most significant bingo online destination. So why not get started right now playing USA bingo games.

Winning Online Bingo in Five Easy Steps

Winning Online Bingo

Winning online bingo is the target for every bingo player. Bingo is one game that truly is random. You cannot use any particular method to get the numbers you need to get bingo. Although it is possible to increase your chances of winning by using solid strategies learned from other successful bingo players. Following these suggestions should give you a better chance to play online bingo profitably and start winning online bingo.

Steps to Winning Online Bingo

1 – Select a bingo site that offers the best deposit bonuses. There are now some online bingo games where you can get a 500% deposit bonus on every deposit that you make. That means if you deposit $50 they will give you $250 so you have a total of $300 to play with. That means that you can play five times longer with the same amount of money which means that you will have much better odds of winning. To find out which bingo sites offer the best bingo bonuses you should check the online bingo reviews.

2 – Make sure that you know the rules of the bingo site that you play at. Most sites will have different rules, terms and conditions for making deposits, withdrawals and accumulating bonus points.If you are familiar with the rules than you can use them to your advantage to get the best chances to win. For example some online bingo sites will offer different deposit bonuses depending on how much is deposited.If you deposit less than $50 you may get a 200% bingo bonus and over $50 you may get a 300% deposit bonus. So if you were planning to deposit $40 and you know the rules than you may as well deposit $50 to get the higher bonus level.

3 – Don’t play the maximum amount of cards. If you play two cards at $0.50 and win a $25 jackpot than your investment is $1 and winnings 25x. If you play 10 cards at $0.50 and win the same $25 jackpot your investment is $5 so your winnings are only 5x. Also, if you don’t play the maximum cards every game than you can play much longer with the same amount of money and improve your odds of winning online.

4 – Choose an online bingo site that offers auto-daubing. This is one advantage of playing bingo online compared to playing bingo in a bingo hall. There is always the possibility that you may get distracted. The phone might ring, someone might knock on the door, the kettle might start boiling of a million other possibilities. You certainly don't want to miss out on calling bingo because of one of these distractions. If the bingo site that you play at offers auto-daubing and you choose to use it than you will never miss another jackpot again.

5 – Sign-up for bingo newsletters at the bingo site of your choice. Every online bingo site offers new contests, promotions and bingo deals almost every week. If you know that site A is offering a $500 jackpot on Saturday night than you may choose to play there on Saturday. Site B may offer a $1,000 jackpot on Sunday night so you may choose to play there on Sunday. As there are so many bingo offers out there, you need to keep up on the latest bingo news to have the best chance of winning.

Your Best Chance for Winning Online Bingo

If you want to get better a bingo than you should have a bingo strategy. All successful bingo players know the bingo rules and bingo tricks, so they know how to win. We hope that these internet bingo pointers will guide you to winning online bingo. Everyone who is in the bingo game has an equal chance of winning. The number of bingo balls is fixed and the number of squares on the bingo card is fixed. But, if you follow our Winning Online Bingo in Five Easy Steps, you will definitely improve your chance of winning. It is always nice to win isn’t it? Next you can choose one of the awesome bingo sites listed here on bingoguy and get started winning online bingo.