Wink Bingo £50 Party PLUS

Daily Bingo PrizeAt Wink Bingo you don’t need an excuse to party, so celebrate daily at 8:30pm and you could pocket that £50 daily bingo prize in cash! You’ll find the room in the Fun tab and you can pre-buy your 2p cards NOW!

Join the Wink Bingo £50 Party PLUS to Win the Daily Bingo Prize

It is super easy to join and win this UK bingo contest. All that you need to know is that:

1 – cards cost 2p each
2 – there is a 1 card min and 96 card max
3 – the bingo game you are going to play is the 75 ball game
4 – if there is more than one winner, prize value will be shared.
5 – you need to be a funded player, otherwise you can make a deposit and you are eligible to join.

Play tonight in the Wink Bingo £50 Party PLUS

So all you need to do is log in to your WinkBingo every night before 8pm and get ready to win your share in the Wink Bingo £50 Party PLUS.


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