True Blue Bingo £10,000 Pay Day

bingo pay dayHow would you lie to win £10,000 or a share of £10,000 to boost your bingo pay day! True Blue Bingo is offering this huge jackpot this weekend! Play on the last Saturday of the month at 10pm in Grapevine and Snickers. Here is what is up for grabs:

1st Line: £1500
2nd Line: £2000
Full House: £3500
Consolation: £3000

Pump up Your Bingo Pay Day with True Blue Bingo

This is a cash only game (no bingo bonus allowed), but non-depositing players can buy in. There is 30 days prebuy available and the minimum buy is 2 tickets and the maximum tickets is 255.

Good Luck everybody and remember to share the wealth is you win!

Learn more about this Australian bingo site by reading our True Blue Bingo Review.


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