Together 4 Life with South Beach Bingo

Together 4 Life Online Bingo CharitySouth Beach Bingo is proud to support the ALS Association this month. Help find a cure for ALS by enrolling in the Together 4 Life online bingo charity during the entire month of May. No more throwing ice water on your friends, instead you can play your favorite games and contribute to this great cause! There are plenty of prizes up for grabs but most importantly, you can help make a difference! The more people who join, the more people South Beach Bingo can help!

Join the Together 4 Life Online Bingo Charity this May

Starting May 1st and for the entire month of May, you can help find a cure for ALS. The amount of money accumulated in the Fusion Room Jackpot during April will be donated to the ALS Association!

2 Coveralls/hour with prizes up to $5000 on the first 50 calls
Dancing prizes between $250 and $500
High low prizes of $75 and $150
Starting prizes of $150
2-Part games with prizes up to $300

Enjoy amazing online bingo games and prizes and show your support for Together 4 Life. It only takes a moment to change a life forever.


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