Tasty Bingo Dinner Date

Tasty Bingo Dinner DateMake a Tasty Bingo Dinner date every week with £55 cash as well as a 100% deposit bonus! If you’re the top Instant Game or bingo wagerer in a week you’ll win £55 cash plus a 100% bonus on your next deposit!

Join the Tasty Bingo Dinner Date Every Week and Win Cash

It is super easy to join. You just need to be a Tasty Bingo funded player and there is one prize per alias per week. The top Instant Game wagerer and Bingo wagerer will each receive £55 in real funds. The game is valid from 00:01 on Monday to 23:59 on Sunday. The deposit bonus code will be emailed to winners accounts and the deposit bonus code will be valid for one week on ONE deposit between £10 – £100.

This is one of our most popular UK Bingo sites. See you at Tasty this week for the Tasty Bingo Dinner Date.


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