Join the £50 Daily Bingo Drop this Week at Wink Bingo

Daily Bingo DropYou can now bingo until you drop at Wink Bingo in the £50 Daily Bingo Drop. There is £50 a day available in jackpot prizes. Jackpot prizes will be credited in real money funds. This is a shared game and all players are welcome to come along and join the fun..

Don’t Miss the £50 Daily Bingo Drop

There will be a special delivery of a bingo game with a guaranteed £50 cash jackpot. You can find it at WinkBingo in the SPECIALS tab on both Mobile and PC. This game plays every day at 9.15pm. You can win by covering all the numbers on your card to win the £50 cash prize. This UK bingo game is coming to you – first class!


Play the Bingo Stack Up at Wink Bingo Every Evening

Bingo Stack UpChill out every evening for the rest of the summer in the Wink Bingo special Bingo Stack Up Room. It’s a wager game, so the more players who join, the higher the jackpot will climb. And they are expecting a huge crowd! Now with a special fixed £1,000 Jackpot game @7pm!

Wink Bingo Stack Up Plays Tonight

This game plays in the 90 Ball tab on both Mobile and PC. You can join every day from 7pm to 11pm. The ticket price
is only 5p! This is a £1,000 daily game. The total jackpot for this Wink Bingo game is £1,000 which includes:
– Full House: £500
– 2 Lines: £300
– 1 Line: £200

One last question… cup or cone?


Wink Bingo wants You to be the Next Big Bingo Winner

Bingo WinnerWink Bingo have 3 flashy games to help you celebrate the TV, music and film awards happening worldwide this month and you can be the next big bingo winner. You can pre-buy your tickets from 6th February! And the nominations are…

And the Next Big Bingo Winner Is…

On the box
Date: 12th February @ 9pm
Game: 90 Ball
Jackpot: £1,000 – FH: 500, 2L: £300, 1L: £200.
Tickets: 15p

Date: 22nd February @ 9pm
Game: 90 Ball
Jackpot: £1,500 – FH: £700, 2L: £500, 1L: £300.
Tickets: 20p

The Silver Screen
Date: 26th February @ 9pm
Game: 5 Line
Jackpot: £2,000 – FH: £750, 4L: £600, 3L: £350, 2L: £200, 1L: 100.
Tickets: 25p

See you at Wink for this great bingo promo. The Wink Bingo envelope please…


Wink Bingo £50 Party PLUS

Daily Bingo PrizeAt Wink Bingo you don’t need an excuse to party, so celebrate daily at 8:30pm and you could pocket that £50 daily bingo prize in cash! You’ll find the room in the Fun tab and you can pre-buy your 2p cards NOW!

Join the Wink Bingo £50 Party PLUS to Win the Daily Bingo Prize

It is super easy to join and win this UK bingo contest. All that you need to know is that:

1 – cards cost 2p each
2 – there is a 1 card min and 96 card max
3 – the bingo game you are going to play is the 75 ball game
4 – if there is more than one winner, prize value will be shared.
5 – you need to be a funded player, otherwise you can make a deposit and you are eligible to join.

Play tonight in the Wink Bingo £50 Party PLUS

So all you need to do is log in to your WinkBingo every night before 8pm and get ready to win your share in the Wink Bingo £50 Party PLUS.


Wink Bingo Egg Cracking Jackpots

egg cracking bingoThere is £12,000 in egg cracking bingo jackpots up for grabs at Wink Bingo this month. This Easter is going to be cracking with WinkBingo. The big egg has a smashing £8,000 in jackpot prizes and you can win free tickets daily in the lil egg.

The Egg Cracking Bingo Jackpots are waiting at Wink Bingo

Plus, play the cracking £1,000 every week on the Wink Bingo app and find hidden bonuses in the bonus egg hunt. Have fun and enjoy your Easter playing egg cracking jackpots at one of the best UK bingo sites, Wink Bingo.


Wink Bingo New Year’s Day £30K

New Years Day BingoGet ready to play the New Years Day Bingo £30K at Wink Bingo. Start off 2016 with a bang and a big bingo win for all UK Bingo players.

Bring 2016 in with some cheer and win a share of the £30,000 jackpot in the New Year’s Day £30K! There are so many prizes to be won, including 1TG and 2TG, so loads of chances to win some cash! Get your tickets and start the year as you mean to go on by winning a jackpot!

Join the New Years Day Bingo £30K Jackpot at Wink Bingo

The Wink Bingo New Year’s Day £30K (90 Ball) will take place at 8pm on 1st January and tickets cost 75p.

Jackpot Prizes:
FH: £10,000
2L: £7,000
1L: £3,000
1TG: £7,000
2TG: £3,000

See you at Wink Bingo on January 1st, 2016


50 Shades of Wink Bingo

50 shades of bingoHolly has jumped on the naughty novel bandwagon and it’s inspired her to offer up a few naughty delights of her own! Play 50 shades of bingo at Wink Bingo and win £69 guaranteed jackpots in the Naughty Numbers Room every Sunday, half hourly between 6pm – 9pm!

Check out the 50 Shades of Bingo Now Playing at Wink

There are special chat games to get you in the mood from 6pm;

I Love 69 – When the numbers `6` and `9` have both been called, then the 2nd player to shout `I Love 69`, will be awarded 1000jps.

Top or Bottom – When the game begins the Host will call `I’m on Top` (#46-90) or `I’m on the Bottom` (#1- 45). If the winning number matches the host call of Top or Bottom, then the 2nd Player to shout `I like Top or Bottom’ to win 1000jps.

Spread The Love – When you win the house you will tell the Host `Spread the Love to____(fellow roomies name)’. The Host will then give the player you choose 1000jps, once they say ‘ I feel the Love’.

Daz Lost His Speedos – If a roomie wins the House, Daz will pass them his Speedos. Once they say ‘ Daz Lost his Speedos’, they will be awarded 1000jps. If it is not a roomie win, Daz will Flash his speedos & ask ‘ Who Wants my Speedos?. The 3rd player to shout ‘ Daz Lost His Speedos`, will be awarded 1000Jps. The player holding Daz’s Speedos at the end of the hour, will win 2000Jps, once they say `Daz Lost his Speedos`.

Naughty Numbers – When UK Bingo is called, the Host will say….. `I’m thinking of a Naughty Number____ ` Players can guess 1x each, before the host calls `Naughty Time` , and then closest to the host number will win 1000Jps.

In Bed With Fred.. Again – Give the Host your In Bed # 1-90. When your number is called, if you are the 1st to shout `In Bed with Fred___times` (use your #), then you win 1000Jps. Players can share the same #, but it is only the 1st player to call on their number that win pts.

Are you in the mood for 50 Shades of Wink Bingo.


Wink Bingo Heart’s of Gold

Hearts of Gold PromotionPlay, win and donate in the Wink Bingo collaboration with the Peter Andre Fund, to raise £50,000 for Cancer Research UK in this Hearts of Gold Promotion! Join today by getting your tickets for games in three different hearts of gold rooms.

You can make a difference in the Hearts of Gold Promotion

10p Daily 75 Ball Game : This game plays every 10 minutes between 4pm and 7pm as well as 9pm and midnight. There will be a 10 percent donation for these games.

20p Weekly £1,000 90 Ball Game : This game plays Fridays at 10pm and the jackpots are FH = £650, 2L = £250 and 1L = £100. There will be a 20 percent donation for these games.

30p Monthly £5,000 90 Ball Game : This UK Bingo game plays the last Wednesday of the month at 9pm and the jackpots are FH = £3,000, 2L = £1,000, 1L = £500 and 1TG = £500. There will be a 30 percent donation for these games.

Have fund and make a difference playing Wink Bingo Heart’s of Gold.


Win an Easter Basket from Wink Bingo

Easter bingo basketThere is still time to collect eggs to win an Easter bingo basket from Wink Bingo! There’s nothing like a good old fashioned egg hunt to get you into the Easter spirit! So come join Wink and you could win one of 12 Easter baskets filled with goodies!

Collect Eggs for your Easter Bingo Basket at Wink

Do you think you are a lucky bunny? You can collect eggs in any of these ways:

UK Bingo: every time you bingo on the Egg pattern, you’ll collect 1 egg.
– Instant Games: for every £20 you spend on the Easter Island & Easter Bunnies games, you’ll collect 1 egg.
– Deposits: For every £20 you deposit, you’ll collect 1 egg.

The more eggs you collect, the more chances you have of winning!

Wink Bingo will draw 4 Easter Basket winners every week in March and there is still one raffle left on March 26th. Don’t miss you chance to win an Easter basket from Wink Bingo.


Play 12 Days until Xmas at Wink Bingo

bingo XmasJingle all the way to £1,000 every day as you play the 12 days of bingo Xmas promotion at Wink Bingo! Jingle Bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Oh what fun it is to count down with Wink Bingo every day!

We know that everyone is filled with excitement and anticipation during the 12 days before Xmas. So to give you a place to channel all that holiday energy, they are opening 12 special jackpot rooms and 1 game on Xmas day.

The 12 Days of Bingo Xmas have begun at Wink Bingo

Come count down the days and play in an amazing UK Bingo Xmas Day Jackpot too!

These special Christmas game run daily from the 13th until the 25th of December at 20:00. You will find these games in the 12 Days until Xmas tab. The card price is 25p and the games are Bingo 75. The minimum number of cards is 1 and the maximum is 96 cards. The prize is £1,000 Jackpot in each game and to win you need to Bingo on the special Christmas pattern to win the Wink Bingo jackpot!