The Bingo Bug Tourney is on Monday to Thursday at Bingo Spirit

Bingo Bug TourneyThis May Bingo Spirit is offering four separate BINGO Bug Tourney paying out $10,000.00 in total cash and prizes! Are you a Bug lover? If so, this tournament is for you! Running each week from Monday through Thursday in the Spring BINGO Room, you’ll want to BINGO on as many of the bug-themed patterns as possible! It’s that simple! These patterns include an ant, spider, caterpillar, dragon fly, moth, bee, worm, butterfly and other various little bugs! So get your insect game ready!

Win $1,250 in the Bingo Bug Tourney

The top 20 winners each week will receive a portion of our $2,500.00 prize pot – with the top weekly bug catcher receiving $1,250.00 in cash! That’s right! You can win up to $1,250.00 in cash every week! The 2nd – 20th place critter catchers will receive a piece of the prize as Free Play bingo bonuses ranging from $5.00 to $600.00 depending on your placement in the tourney!

The prizes that you can win are as follows:

Ranking / Prizes / Balance
1st Place / $1,250.00 / Cash
2nd Place / $600.00 / Free Play Bonus
3rd Place / $250.00 / Free Play Bonus
4th Place / $125.00 / Free Play Bonus
5th Place / $75.00 / Free Play Bonus
6th – 10th / $25.00 / Free Play Bonus
11th – 15th / $10.00 / Free Play Bonus
16th – 20th / $5.00 / Free Play Bonus

Games will play once every hour, so keep your eyes peeled, grab a friend and join in the fun! With cards at just $0.50 each, Bingo Spirit is giving you a “Buy 6, Get 3 FREE” deal during the tournament!


The $13,000 Big Bingo Spirit Event is on this Saturday

Big Bingo Spirit EventOn Saturday, March 28 EDT BingoSpirit is hosting their biggest bingo event of the month – the $13,000 Big Bingo Spirit Event. This will take place in the Tourney Bingo Room and will start at 7:00PM EDT, so don’t be late! There will be three warm-up games to get everyone in the mood.

These warm-up games will take place at 7:00PM EDT, 8:00PM EDT and 9:00PM EDT. Each of these are going to be $1,000 guaranteed games and take place at the top of the hour game. If you want to join in the action, cards will cost $2.00 per card for any of these games.

Win Big Cash in the Big Bingo Spirit Event

If you’re waiting for the main event, that will take place at 10:00PM EDT. This is the biggest game in the month of March and is a $10,000 Guaranteed game at the top of the hour. If you want to join in for this, cards are a little pricier at $5.00 per card.

When it comes to joining in this event, there are no specific requirements in place to make you ineligible or eligible. Instead, all you need to have is an account with BingoSpirit – and that’s so you can buy your bingo cards with them so you can get playing bingo and have the chance to win the big jackpot.

With such a large amount of money up for grabs, get your cards today! This is the monthly tournament that you are not going to want to miss.


Grab Your Winter Warmers Free Spins at Bingo Spirit

Winter Warmers Free SpinsWinter is well and truly here so what better way to spread some Christmas cheer (albeit a bit late), than by bringing you the Bingo Spirit Winter Warmers Free Spins event. Throughout January, starting on the 5th until 28th, they will be giving away 50 free spins on top of the daily reload bonuses available to you when you make your first deposit of the day on any Tuesday and Sunday in January. On Tuesdays you’ll receive 50 Free Spins on our popular Frontside Spins slot and on Sundays you can banish the winter blues with 50 Free Spins on Diamond Bar.

Winter Warmers Free Spins every Tuesday and Sunday

This means that you can actually grab yourself a massive 400 free spins in total! You can only get them on Tuesdays and Sundays though, and you’ll only be given one set of free spins per day. In order to grab these free spins, you will have to make a first deposit of the day of $50 or more and select with Universal bonus. Play the slots at Bingo Spirit all throughout January and you have a massive chance to be the next big jackpot winner!

Make sure that you are ready to go every Tuesday and Sunday. We will see you there bingo and slots friends.


It is the Birthday Bingo Bash Weekend at Bingo Spirit

Birthday Bingo Bash WeekendGrab your invite to the Bingo Spirit Birthday Bingo Bash Weekend! The best birthday parties have the greatest guests and they are inviting you to join BingoSpirit for a weekend filled with 23 years celebrations. aAnd best of all, $1,500 of guaranteed cash prizes to be won in the special Birthday weekend games!

Fill your Weekend with Guaranteed Cash Prizes in the Birthday Bingo Bash Weekend

Are you ready to be the life and soul of the party? With fantastic cash prizes like these to be won, the party is going to last all weekend. Join in the Birthday celebrations at 9:00PM EDT on Friday, August 16 EDT, Saturday, August 17 EDT and Sunday, August 18 EDT in the Summer Bingo room to win a fabulous guaranteed cash prize of $500 each day in this Birthday Bash.

At the top of the hour on each day Bingo Spirit will play the special $500 guaranteed Birthday Bash Weekend bingo game. With a fabulous guaranteed cash prize to be won, cards cost just $1.50 each. That’s $1,500 of guaranteed prizes that must be won!

Make it a real birthday treat and get more chances to win with an unmissable Buy 3 Get 2 Free offer on all Birthday Bash Weekend Games. That’s 5 cards for the price of 3!


Kentucky Derby Speedy Bingo Games this Saturday

Kentucky Derby Speedy Bingo GamesBingo Spirit is under starter’s orders and the goings good, so race your way to a fantastic cash prize every game in the incredible Kentucky Derby Speedy Bingo Games.

Get ready to race from 8:00PM EDT in the Spring Bingo room on Saturday, May 4 EDT and celebrate the 145th Kentucky Derby at BingoSpirit with an hour full of exciting Kentucky Derby Games. With back to back speedy Bingo games, it’s a race to the finish line and a fantastic cash prize in every Derby Speedy Game.

Saddle up and race to fantastic prizes with Kentucky Derby Speedy Bingo Games

The first race gets under way at 8:00PM EDT in the Spring bingo room with a starting pot of $15 that increases with player wagers. That means no limit on how high the cash prize pot can climb in these Kentucky Derby Games with each game playing for only $0.35 a card.

Enjoy a night at the races in the Spring Bingo room from 8:00PM EDT on Saturday, May 4 EDT as we take to the track with speedie bingo fun and fantastic cash prizes in the Kentucky Derby Games. Don’t miss you chance to win big this weekend.


Crazy Mardi Gras Bingo plays on March 5th at Bingo Spirit

Mardi Gras BingoIt’s Mardi Gras bingo time at BingoSpirit on Tuesday March 5th and that means amazing bingo fun with fabulous cash prizes to be won as you play the special Mardi Gras Bingo games.

Mardi Gras is a tradition that dates back thousands of years and there’s no better way to celebrate than with your bingo roomies. Join in the bingo fun between 6:00PM EST and 9:00PM EST in the Spring Bingo room on Tuesday, March 5 EST and play for cash prizes of over $100 every game. That’s right, our special Mardi Gras bingo games have a crazy starting pot of $100 and there’s no limit to how high the prize can climb. Cards for the Mardi Gras crazy $100 starting pot games cost only $0.25 a card and the more players that play, the bigger the cash prize!

Join Mardi Gras bingo for fabulous cash prizes

It’s a Mardi Gras bingo party and you can win more at the top of the hour with our special Mardi Gras $300 guaranteed games. Playing at 6:00PM EST, 7:00PM EST and 8:00PM EST, there’s a fun filled $900 of guaranteed cash prizes to be won. Cards cost just $1 a card.

Get more chances to be a winner in the special Mardi Gras games with an amazing Buy 3 Get 2 Free offer on all cards. Simply select 5 cards and only pay for 3 when you celebrate Mardi Gras at BingoSpirit!


Play the Early Bird Christmas Bingo Special at Bingo Spirit

Early Bird Christmas Bingo SpecialThe Bingo Spirit Festive Early birds are in for a Christmas treat in December as you play for amazing cash prizes of up to $2,500 for only $0.25 a card every Friday in the action packed Early Bird Christmas Bingo Special.

Join in the Early Bird fun from 3:00PM EST in the Christmas Bingo room every Friday in December for your chance to win more for less during the Holiday Season!

+ Early Bird $150 Guaranteed pots
+ Early Bird $25 Starting games
+ $2,500 Coverall Min $25 Early Bird games

The Early Bird Christmas Bingo Special Plays Every Friday

These Early Bird Christmas Special games play for a fabulously low card cost of only $0.25 a card between 3:00PM EST and 5:00PM EST every Friday in the Christmas bingo room and guarantee fantastic cash prizes to be won. With four fun filled Early Bird Christmas Specials to play throughout the month and a special Buy 3 Get 2 Free offer on all cards, you’ll get more chances to be an Early Bird winner at BingoSpirit in December.

Pre order your cards for the Bingo Spirit Early Bird Christmas Bingo Special games and play to win cash prizes of up to $2,500 for only $25 a card!


Join the 22 Years of Bingo Tourney this Month at Bingo Spirit

22 years of BingoBingo Spirit is celebrating 22 years of Bingo at its best and it just keeps on getting better in August as they celebrate with more prizes for more players in their exciting 22 Years of BINGO Tourney where you can play it cool and win up to $1,000 in cash!

Play it cool and win big with 22 years of Bingo

Get ready to play in the Bingo Spirit Summer Bingo room every day between August 1st and August 30th. They will bring you the biggest bingo celebrations with more cash prizes and chances to win in this fun filled 22 Years of no deposit bingo Tourney. Every hour you can play one of the special tourney bingo games with a card cost of only $0.50 a card and each time that you win one of these tourney bingo games, not only will you win a fantastic cash pot, you’ll also receive one point on the tourney leader board. The more points you get the bigger the prize. This month they have got a massive $4,000 of prizes to be won by the top 50 players and fabulous cash prizes of up to $1,000 for the top 5 players.


Join the Patriots Day Bingo Promotion with a $1,000 Reverse Coverall

Patriots Day BingoReverse the fun to win big with this Patriots Day Bingo Promotion. It’s Patriot’s Day on Monday April 16th, a special date in the calendar to commemorate the anniversary the battles of Lexington and Concord which were the first battles of the American Revolutionary War. Join your bingo roomies at Bingo Spirit on Monday, April 16 EDT and celebrate Patriot’s Day with a fabulous cash prize of up to $1,000 to be won in our Patriot’s Day $1,000 Reverse Coverall game.

The Patriots Day Bingo Promotion is on Monday April 16th

This exciting reverse coverall bingo game plays at 8:00PM EDT in the USA bingo room and brings a fun twist on the regular coverall game. The prize pot will start at a guaranteed minimum of $100 and can rise all the way up to an incredible $1,000 as the numbers are called.

With cards costing just $2.00 each and a special Buy 3 Get 2 Free offer on all cards, celebrate Patriot’s Day playing for a cash prize of up to $1,000 in the BingoSpirit Patriot’s Day $1,000 Reverse Coverall game.


It is Time for the Xmas Slots Tourney at Bingo Spirit

Xmas Slots TourneyGet ready for the festive Xmas slots tourney action every day in December as you celebrate the holidays with a fun filled selection of our players favorite holiday themed slots. You can sing your heart out as you spin the reels on Christmas Carol, discover fabulous riches with Santa’s Surprise and enjoy incredible slot fun as you spin to win big at Christmas with a first prize of $1,000 cash to be won in the Bingo Spirit Ho! Ho! Ho! Slots Tourney.

The Xmas Slots Tourney is on Now

Start spinning and winning between December 1st and December 31st on our action-packed Ho! Ho! Ho! Slots tourney slots and every time that you win, your winnings will be added to the tourney leader board. The more you win, the higher you climb with $2,500 of festive prizes to be won by the top 20 players.

BingoSpirit is the place to spin and win this Holiday Season!