Play £666 Haunted Jackpots at RedBus Bingo

haunted bingo jackpotsYou can run but you can’t hide from these spooky prizes this Halloween! Pay a visit to the haunted mansion at RedBus bingo and play for £666 in haunted bingo jackpots in 3 ghostly rooms! This is all happening Halloween night, which of course it October 31st and the games play at 7pm, 8pm and 9pm.

There are Huge and Haunted Bingo Jackpots now at Redbus Bingo

There are three different rooms for these three different games. So you need to make sure that you are in the right room at the right time. You should be in the Creepy Kitchen at 7pm, in the Spooky Study at 8pm and in the the Ghostly Guest Room at 9pm.

The card price is only 6p and there is a £666 Jackpot in each game! The prizes will be distributed as follows:

1 Line: Will get the biggest share of the pot with £333!
2 Lines: £222
Full House: £111

Pre-buy cards now and enjoy this online bingo bonus. We hope to see you on Halloween night for the £666 Haunted Jackpots at RedBus Bingo.


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