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Bingo For Money Chat to Trick or Treat

Play Now at Bingo For MoneyGo Trick or Treating if you dare for a Halloween scare at Bingo For Money!

This Halloween get ready to have a frightfully good time, from now till October 31st have fun trick or treating room to room at Bingo For Money. Every time one of the Halloween patterns is in play in any of the spoooktacular rooms get ready to have something sweet to take home at Bingo For Money. Be the first roomy in chat to say (Trick or Treat) after the bingo winner is called, and if one of the CMs is present, get ready to claim your Halloween BB treat. Remember, the CM will only spook when spoken to. Enjoy this ghoulish treat from your CM friends.

Be on the look out for Halloween patterns in Witch Hat, Bats, Dracula, Frankenstein, Halloween, Halloween Candles, R.I.P, Spider, Halloween Haunter, Skeleton, Willow, Halloween Lightning, Poison, and Jack-o-Lantern.

Play now at Bingo For Money to claim your Halloween BB treat.


Canadian Dollar Bingo October $24,000 Giveaway

Play Now at Canadian Dollar Bingo

It’s getting cold, but October’s contests are hotter than ever at Canadian Dollar Bingo. Over $24,000 in cash and prizes this month.Start making money and winning prizes with the weekly activities and the nightly hot $125 fireplace pattern.

Every night from 6pm to 11:59 pm during October 2010 at Canadian Dollar Bingo. The pattern will play once per hour and will pay $125 every night. Be ready to win a have lots of fun every night starting October 1st.

Canadian Dollar Bingo will have a different activity every week during October. Cash , electronics, jewelry and many more surprises will warm up your month. Contests run from Monday to Sunday. be prepared.

From October 4th to October 10th, 2010. Canadian Dollar Bingo has an HD TV ready to ship. Every $100 deposit (single or combined deposits) get you 1 chance to win this amazing HD TV during the 1st week of October 2010.

The more deposits you make, the more chances you have to win. The winner will be selected from all qualified players on October 11th , 2010.


Bingomania UK Triple The Treasure And Triple The Fun

Play Now at Bingomania UK

Three times a day you could have triple the treasure and triple the fun at Bingomania UK!

Three times a day until September 22nd, at randomly chosen times, people playing Trolling for Treasure can triple their largest single Trolling for Treasure win so far that day!

Here’s how it works? A pop-up message will appear to all Trolling for Treasure players at three random times during each day of the promotion at Bingomania UK. The message will contain a claim code. Players should send an email to promo at with their claim code and a note asking to “Triple my Treasure!”

Get your reels and treasure maps ready to bring in the winnings from Bingomania UK! Play now at Bingomania UK for the Triple The Treasure And Triple The Fun.

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Dream Bingo UK Harvest Time Giveaway

Play Now at Dream Bingo UK

Between September 16th and September 20th Dream Bingo UK is celebrating the harvest month!

Before the 16th century, harvest was the term usually used to refer to the Autumn season. The word harvest commonly refers to grain and produce, but also has other uses. In addition to fish and timber, the term harvest is also used in reference to harvesting grapes for wine.

Look out for the Harvest Time Game and get in on the fun and big bingo winnings! Promotion games are played daily, please check the Game Schedule for details.

In the 90-Ball Room, Look out for the Harvest Time Game. Get a full house on this game and you win an extra 4 BBz prize! Your Nabors will win an extra 1 BBz prize each! In the 75-Ball Room, Look out for the Plough Pattern. If you win Bingo on this pattern you win an extra 6 BBz prize!

BBz prizes will be credited automatically after a win. Start scheduling and win huge cash now! Play now at Dream Bingo UK for the Harvest Time bingo bonus.


Astro Bingo £5000 School Daze Challenge

Play Now at Astro Bingo

From September 3rd to September 16th go back to bingo with Astro Bingo new School Daze Challenge. For the next two weeks you can educate yourself with two new great Challenge games: Pen and Paper! If you ace your exams and win both games, you’ll graduate with a certified School Daze badge for your bulletin board!

Don’t forget to study, because every time you pass your class by completing the challenge, you’ll earn another £5 bonus and admission into the weekly School Daze Challenge Tournament.

Don’t be tardy: Challenge games play precisely twice an hour between 6am-1am (BST), in the Money Tree and Lucky Streak “classrooms”!

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Loonie Bingo Spelling Contest

Play Now at Loonie Bingo

Spelling Contest which starts from September 1st to September 30th at Loonie Bingo is your last chance to get into the the Grand Prize Draw to be held Friday October 1st 2010. The monthly contest winner will have a 1 in 3 chance on becoming Grand Prize Winner for a $10,000.00 Shopping Spree at the Brick Canada!

Players will have to spell: TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR SHOPPING SPREE
This Spelling Contest will start September 1st and will end once all contest letters have been collected. So, hurry up to play online bingo games at Loonie Bingo and collect the letters for your chance to win $10,000.00 Shopping Spree at the Brick Canada.


Free Bingo at Metro Bingo

Play Now at Metro Bingo

Join Metro Bingo on 24th August for some Free Bingo – yep that’s right! Play online games bingo at Metro Bingo between 10am and 10pm and don’t spend a single penny! Come in to the Free Bingo Room! And you really could be winning something for nothing.

You’ll be able to play up to 6 bingo tickets in each free game. You could be walking away with up to £5 for free. With nine free bingo games an hour and one standard 15p bingo game you can’t go wrong, so make sure you join in!

Players will be able to play 9 free bingo games each hour on Tuesday August 24th 2010 between 10am and 10pm. These games will be played in the Free Bingo Room and the maximum number of tickets that can be played per game is 6. There will also be a standard 90 ball bingo game each hour, the ticket price will be 15p and the maximum number of tickets that can be played on the standard 90 ball bingo game is 30.

The 90 ball bingo games will be played in the Free Bingo Room. the 1 line winner will get £2.00, the 2 lines winner will get £3.00 and the Full house winner will get £5.00. The 75 ball bingo games will also be played in the Free Bingo Room. The 1 line winner will get £1.50, 2 lines will get £1.50, 3 lines will get £1.50, 4 lines will get £1.50 and Full House will get £4.00.

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USA Bingo Games

USA Bingo Games

To play USA bingo games the first thing that you need to know is that the most popular version of online bingo in the USA is 75 ball bingo. In this game the bingo card has 5 rows and 5 columns with one free space in the middle. You can read this 75 Ball Bingo article to learn more details of how to play and how to win. USA bingo players have been playing this popular version of bingo at their local bingo hall for years. Now with the growing popularity of online bingo they can play it online.

Play USA Bingo Games

USA bingo games are designed specifically for bingo players in North America. Deposits and withdrawals are made in US Dollars. As well all games and prizes and bingo promotions are played and won using USD. Of course the main language for USA bingo games is English, although there are now some online bingo sites that also offer a Spanish version. This is most important for the chat feature. Many USA bingo players will join a new bingo sites as much for the chat interaction as for the bingo games and prizes on offer.

There is some debate as to whether or not playing online bingo is a form of gambling. If you speak with most USA bingo players they will tell you that the main reason they play is for the social aspect. It is just the bingo games that bring them together and give them something in common. USA bingo games can be played at many different bingo sites online. As some of the usual payment processors do not accept transactions with certain bingo halls you need to check with each individual bingo site to see what types of payments options are available.

USA bingo games are also scheduled for the North American time zones. If you were to play on a UK bingo site, than because of the time difference there may not be many players around when you play or you may miss out on the big jackpot bingo bonus games as they may be played in the middle of the night in your time zone. It is definitely a good idea to check the bingo game schedule when you sign up at a new bingo site to take full advantage of all of the great bingo deals available when you find bingo USA.

Find USA Bingo Games

As Canada, the neighbor to the north, is now allowing bingo players to join online bingo games we are hopeful that in the not too distant future USA bingo games will be available to all players with unrestricted payment options. If this does happen than most likely the USA bingo market will surpass that of the UK and be the most significant bingo online destination. So why not get started right now playing USA bingo games.

Big Ticket PJP Games at Bingonanza

Play Now at Bingonanza

This Jackpot is your big ticket to winning. Cover all to win big in this 75 ball PJP running twice an hour every day at Bingonanza.

Think big! Win Bigger! The Big Ticket Progressive Jackpot starts at £500 and gets bigger every time it’s played! In the beginning, this Cover All must be won in 46 calls or less, but every week the calls increase by one, giving you bigger chances to win a bigger jackpot.

Ther are two games per hour in the Lucky Streak 75 ball bingo Room from 8am to 12am. You just need £0.25 for every card to win the prize guarantee varies depending on time.


Progressive Jackpots at Bingo On The Box

Play Now at Bingo On The Box

Fancy becoming one of our next big bingo jackpot winners? Then play the exclusive progressive jackpot bingo games at Bingo On The Box!

The amazing £1000+ Progressive Jackpot in the Day Dreamer room can be enjoyed in a variety of games throughout the day. The PJP gets rolling at £1000+ and increases until the jackpot’s won! Initially, you can land the PJP if you Bingo (Full House) in 40 balls or less. The progressive Bingo jackpot score increases by one ball every five days! The PJP counter is reset instantly after a win and starting a new jackpot cycle! The unique PJP guarantees you more winners, more often! You can also enjoy the £500+ PJP in the Sunset Strip Room, with the balls increasing by one ball every three days! What’s more, the brand new C$750+ Maple Meadow room PJP is played 3 times every 60 minutes, and Bingo On The Box will increase the balls to bingo by one ball every five days!

Hurry up. Play now at Bingo On The Box for your chance to win £1000+ Progressive Jackpot prizes. The more often you play online bingo games and the more chances you can win £1000+ Progressive Jackpot prizes.