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Bingo Sky Tournament

Play Now at Bingo Sky

Bingo Sky is inviting you to take part in the Week long Arcade and Casino Tournament which takes place every week, from Monday to Sunday. There will have ten winners, selected according to their winnings throughout the week. The Top Ten Players with the most aggregated winnings will be awarded with a combination of prizes including Cash or Credits.

All you need to do is Spin/Deal and Win at Bingo Sky on any of the games including Mini Games, Video Poker, Arcade, Video Slots, Slots and Blackjack.

So what are you waiting for? Go to Bingo Sky and give it a try.


Dream Bingo UK Free Bingo Fridays

Play Now at Dream Bingo UK

Play online games bingo at Dream Bingo UK and get ready for the weekend with Free Bingo Fridays, where Dream Bingo UK give you an amazing 24 games of bingo absolutely free from Noon till Midnight.

The Free Bingo Fridays games each have their own guaranteed real cash jackpot and will be played across 90 and 75 ball rooms at Dream Bingo UK. There is no catch and no special requirement, all you need to do is buy your free tickets and wait for the cash to come rolling in.

If you would like to find out more than you read our Dream Bingo UK Review or head on over and sign up now for experience the new bingo party live room.


Littlewoods Bingo Special Bingo Live Games

Play Now at Littlewoods Bingo

From January Littlewoods Bingo have some fantastic Bingo Live games to keep you all entertained and to get you some extra cash.

Thursday nights are Newbie Night in Bingo Live. What does this mean for you? It’s very simple, join in the Bingo Party Live Room announce you are a “NEWBIE” and Littlewoods Bingo will pop some money into your account.

Join in the Bingo Party Live Room at Littlewoods Bingo every Wednesday any time between 5.30pm and 8.30pm for some horsing around. Littlewoods Bingo has converted the popular Horserace brain teaser into a Bingo Live Cash Game.

The columns on the call board represent horses. The first column to be completed is the winning horse and you’ll receive £10 in cash. The second column to be completed is the runner up and they’ll get £5 in cash. If you haven’t been into Bingo Live yet it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 – simply login to 1. Click on Bingo Party Live in the lobby 2. Hit the Bingo Live button just above the chat window 3. Click the guy with the glasses and you’ll be in.

The lovely presenters will be ready and waiting to entertain you with fun facts and great cash giveaways every day between 5:30 and 8:30pm.

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2011 Bonus at Bingo Flash

Play Now at Bingo Flash

Begin your New Year with a jumbo jackpot in your pockets from Bingo Flash! Just bingo all week to pocket this online bingo jumbo jackpot!

Every time you play a Number 11 pattern, you earn 1 bonus point irrespective of whether you win the game or not! Every time you bingo on Number 11 pattern, you win a guaranteed pot of $100 and earn 5 bonus points! On collecting a 100 bonus points by the end of every week, you win 50% bonus on your next deposit! Wooohooooooo!

Welcome 2011 and chase the number 11 everyday all this month to pocket a jumbo jackpot.

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Sun Bingo All new Mini Games

Play Now at Sun BingoSun Bingo is bringing you the best of both worlds with exciting new Mini Games. You can now play a great game of Bingo and still enjoy all your favourite Slot games at Sun Bingo.

To play, simply start up a game of Bingo 90 and the Mini Games tab will appear next to your Ball History. Enjoy the best of both worlds with new Mini Games.


Canadian Dollar Bingo Nigthly Hour Of Power

Play Now at Canadian Dollar Bingo

Play online games bingo at Canadian Dollar Bingo Nightly Hour of power, There are over $30,000 in Jackpots Guaranteed to give away every month.

Nightly Hour Of Power games at Canadian Dollar Bingo continue this new year 2011 with over $30,000 in jackpots guaranteed each month playing every night at 10:00pm. There are 10 games each night in the winter room.

What are you waiting for? Play online games bingo at Canadian Dollar Bingo for your chance to win the bingo prizes.


Bingo Hall Another Day, Another Winner

Play Now at Bingo Hall

Between Jan 7th and Jan 12th Bingo Hall will be running a special promotion that will surely please all bingo room fans! They will give away a special bonus prize each day for the winner of the most games in each room. The bingo rooms, dates and prizes are as follows:

Taco Room: Friday 7th – $2,000 / High Rollers: Saturday 8th – $3,000 / Quarters: Sunday 9th – $1,500 / Dimes: Monday 10th – $1,000 / Nickels: Tuesday 11th – $200 / Fair & Square: Wednesday 12th – $300

All you need to do is play non-stop while the room is open, in order to win. If you would like to find out more than you read our Bingo Hall Review or head on over and sign up now and become the next winner.


Eyes Down Bingo New Year’s Eve Fireworks Spectacular

Play Now at Eyes Down Bingo

In honour of the coming New Year, 2011, Eyes Down Bingo is hosting a contest to see who can set off the most spectacular fireworks display. The more fireworks you ignite, the more free tickets you’ll earn in the December 31st game that plays for a brilliant £2011 prize pool.

How do you light your fireworks? By winning Challenge games. Every Silver Bells Challenge game you win through December 30th earns you 3 free tickets in the big game. You can earn up to 60 free tickets.

For those of you with the most firepower, if you fill the sky with all 60 pyrotechnics, you’ll be rewarded with a special £10 bonus. See the progress of your fireworks display by visiting our in-game Promotions page (click “?” at the top right of the bingo game).

A special Linked UP game will play at 10pm GMT on December 31st. This three-part game will pay a guaranteed £2011 prize pool. Game tickets may also be purchased for £5 each.

To receive your free tickets in this event, you must click the *Enter Tickets* button on the Fireworks Display status page. You have until December 31st to claim any tickets you have earned. If you do not click the *Enter Tickets* button, any unclaimed tickets will not be entered into the big game.

If you would like to find out more than you read our Eyes Down Bingo Review or head on over and sign up now for experience the new bingo party live room.

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Redbus Bingo £75 Quids In

Play Now at Redbus Bingo

Fishing for a win? You’ve come to the right place. The £75 Quids In game is no small fry – tickets for the 75 Ball game cost 50p and game plays daily at 8:30pm at Redbus Bingo. Tuck in me old mucker and hook your tickets for the daily game now for your chance to be squids in.

The bingo offer tickets cost 50p. The minimum number of tickets that can be purchased for this game is 1 and the maximum number of tickets is 48. Only funded RedBus Bingo players are eligible to participate in the game. Prize is £75 cash. If there is more than one winner, the monetary value of the prize will be split equally amongst the winners. By accepting the prize, winners are required to provide photos of themselves and a testimonial. Prize will be credited into winner’s account immediately after winning the game.