Kick Off Fall at Bingo Angels

Fall Bingo AngelsThe best days for bingo are the cozy days! The first signs of Autumn are here, the season of leggings and yoga pants has arrived…

A weekend of pampering and bingo treats is the perfect way to kick off Fall Bingo 2014. This is why you are all invited to take it down a notch and unwind, prepare a cup of tea, and cozy up while playing your favorite games in company of your Bingo Angels buddies.

Fall Bingo 2014 has officially started at Bingo Angels

Get a well-deserved break and enjoy some quality “me-time” this September 26th-28th between 6pm-11pm est in the main room. Let them pamper you with 35c $75 min, $200 in 11 calls Min 50 25c, $500 CA in 50 calls 25c, NEW 2 part 35c 75 min, and $250 75 min 25c, playing at random points of the night, among other games and additional prizes.

Every top of the hour they will raffle one of these fabulous vouchers among everyone present in chat.

· Voucher #1: Free Lottery Ticket
· Voucher #2: 100% on your next deposit of $50 or more
· Voucher #4: FREE Team Entry
· Voucher #5: 15bbs worth of pre-buys to our famous $1k Coverall Game
· Voucher #6: Double daily bonus on your next deposit

Welcome autumn in a proper way! Enjoy some great and relaxing bingo games; Bingo Angels will take care of the rest…

For more information on this new Canadian bingo site please read our Bingo Angles Review.


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