Instant Bingo Movie Sequels Chat Game

bingo movie sequelsWe all love to play in a good chat game. This week Instant Bingo has chat game that looks really fun. This is the bingo movie sequels chat game. A movie sequel continues the story of a movie using the original elements of the story. Although in some cases the sequels do not become as popular as the first movie, the fans are always happy to see their favorite characters again.

Check out the Bingo Movie Sequels Chat Game this Week at Instant Bingo

Join Instant Bingo CM Sky on Tuesday, October 7th, in the Crazy room, between 4 PM and 6 PM EST and prepare to share your favorite movie sequels! Pick a number between 1 and 75. When a number on the right, left, up, down or on the diagonal of your number is out type (movie + your number + icon). First roomies to do so will receive 5 BBs online bingo bonus! Good luck everyone and enjoy the Instant Bingo Movie Sequels Chat Game!


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