Grab Your Sweet Treats at South Beach Bingo

South Beach BingoIf you have a sweet tooth, then you will just love the month of June, as South Beach Bingo celebrates just that! Mix up your favorite candy treats with fruits and get the perfect combo of a healthy and tasty delight! And speaking of bingo sweets, wait till you see what delicious deals they have prepared for you in the Desperate Housewives room, between Sunday, June 29th and Wednesday, July 2nd, from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM EST!

Enjoy some Bingo Sweets in the Sweet Tooth Promo at South Beach Bingo

SouthBeach Bingo have one special hour of coverall games with prizes of $1000 on the first 50 calls, just for you!

To find out more about these and more bingo and slot tournaments please check out our South Beach Bingo Review.


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