Every Day Special Jackpots at Dream Bingo UK

Special Bingo JackpotsThere’s something special going on every day at Dream Bingo UK. Don’t miss Mega Special Bingo Jackpots (SJPs) daily at 9:00pm (GMT) in the Day Dreamer Room and 10:00pm (GMT) in the Sunset Strip Room.

There are Mega Special Bingo Jackpots Daily at Dream Bingo

Money Mountain – with a jackpot that never peaks! The Money Mountain Jackpot climbs by £10 each game as the balls increase by two. The jackpot usually surpasses £100.00 before one lucky player conquers Money Mountain.

Mega Ball Buster – Shatter the opposition to claim the jackpot and we’ll double the value of the ball you Bingo on. Up to £180.00 could be yours!

Mega Wotsit Balls – Time is of the essence as the value of this jackpot rises and falls at random. Time a win right and a hefty sum will be yours!

Mega Splatter Balls – The value of cash splashed into your account depends entirely on the colour of the ball you Bingo on. Fingers crossed for a yellow to win £100!

Find out more about this awesome UK bingo site by reading our Dream Bingo UK Review. If you haven’t visited yet than please click over to Dream Bingo to win big with the Mega Special Bingo Jackpots.


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