Drive the Prize at Vics Bingo

Drive the Bingo PrizeEnter the Highway to bingo where you can win a new Nissan Versa this March just by playing online bingo! Join the Vics Drive the Bingo Prize tournament from March 1st to March 30th and you could be driving away in this brand new car! Keep your eyes peeled for the Car Pattern in all of the USA bingo rooms and collect as many points as you can. The top 50 players at the end of the month will play in the FINAL to see who will take home the car at Vics Bingo!

Drive the Bingo Prize – How to Win Your New Car from Vics Bingo

Look out for the Car Pattern in the following online bingo rooms to collect cash and points.

Supernova Room – dancing $300 – $600 and 15 points
Afterhours Lounge – dancing $75 – $200 and 10 points
Dollar room – dancing $100 – $250 and 9 points
Taboo room – dancing $50 – $150 and 7 points
Fair and Square room – dancing $30 – $80 and 6 points
Desperate Housewives room – dancing $60 – $120 and 5 points
Quarter room – dancing $50 – $100 and 4 points
Crazy room – dancing $20 – $40 and 3 points
Nickels room – dancing $10 – $30 and 2 points

Pay close attention for the special call in the online bingo chat rooms where CM NESSIE will make a special call: “Let’s play Colors CG”! Once the Chat Game is underway, players will have to pick from blue, red, white, green and yellow. The last number called determines the color. The player(s) that pick the right color win! A correctly guessed color brings players anywhere from 1 to 15 points!

Gather as many points as possible until March 30th 11:59 PM EST so that you can rank in the top 50 online bingo players that compete in the FINAL.

The top 50 players will enter the Fair and Square room on Tuesday, March 31st from 5PM to 12AM EST for the FINAL. The online bingo player that wins the most games within the timeframe gets the car!

Good luck winning the carat Vics Bingo!


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