The 2022 Bingo Tourney is on now at CyberBingo

2022 Bingo TourneyGet ready for some New Year fun for the whole month this January! That’s right, CyberBingo have got a whole month of exciting bingo for you in their weekly 2022 Bingo Tourney. Head to the New Year’s Bingo Room between Monday and Thursday to join in on all the fun and win some prizes.

Games in the 2022 Bingo Tourney are all Multi-part Guaranteed games $25.00/$25.00/$25.00. The first game plays on a small pattern, the second on a New Year’s Resolution themed pattern and the final part on a Coverall pattern. So, get your cards ready and see if this new year brings you luck!

New Year fun all month long in the 2022 Bingo Tourney

The event kicks off each week from 12:00AM EST Mondays through to 11:59PM EST on Thursday. Excitingly, all games are Top of the Hour and will play every hour throughout this period giving you plenty of opportunities to join in the fun. Even better, the top 40 players will get rewarded when playing.

The winner of this event will win a whopping $1,500 in cash, and, on top of that, will also receive 4500 Bingo Points. In fact, all players will get Points. However, runners-up will get their bonuses awarded as a Free Play bingo bonus, with the Bingo Points as an extra prize.

Ranking / Prizes / Balance
1st Place / $1,500.00 + 4500 Bingo Points / Cash
2nd Place / $750.00 + 2250 Bingo Points / Free Play Bonus
3rd Place / $500.00 + 1500 Bingo Points / Free Play Bonus
4th Place / $250.00 + 750 Bingo Points / Free Play Bonus
5th Place / $100.00 + 300 Bingo Points / Free Play Bonus
6th – 10th Place / $50.00 + 150 Bingo Points / Free Play Bonus
11th – 20th Place / $25.00+ 75 Bingo Points / Free Play Bonus
21th – 30th Place / $10.00 + 30 Bingo Points / Free Play Bonus
31th – 40th Place / $5.00 + 15 Bingo Points / Free Play Bonus

Finally, you will need to grab your cards before the event kicks off. Cards are just $.25 each. Additionally, CyberBingo is giving you the chance to boost your odds of winning through our promo. Just Buy 7 cards, and you get 3 for Free! So, get ready for the New Year and bingo!


The $10K Thanksgiving Turkey Trot Bingo Contest Starts Tomorrow

Thanksgiving Turkey Trot BingoAmigo Bingo have completed a few $5K Thanksgiving Turkey Trot Bingo Contests in the past, so they are going for a $10K challenge this year to keep those competitive juices flowing. Not only that, but every game will offer a $5K PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT to keep everyone motivated throughout the race.

“Lace-up your sneakers” or grab your favorite snack and join Amigo Bingo in the main room, starting November 25th, 2021.

Win Big in the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot Bingo

Run Information:

The games will cost between $0.35 and $0.50 per card. On the day of the run you will need to Check-In at Nov 25th 9 am EST. Play will be in the Main Bingo Room Games which will have a ‘Buy 30, Get 5 FREE Card Offer. This will give all players the strength and endurance needed to support the $10K distance, and a higher chance to make it all the way.

This $10K CASH RACE is open to players of all loyalty levels, pay out ratios and welcomes players from our sister sites as well. Advanced prebuys are encouraged, but game race day walk-ups are welcome. Trot over to Amigo Bingo, Thursday, November 25th, and have fun making it to the finish line by November 28th.


The Haunted Rails Bingo Weekend Room is Open

Haunted Rails BingoThe $150,000 Haunted Rails Bingo Weekend Room will be open on Saturday, Sunday and Monday at 2pm AEDT October 2021. This is for depositors only. You can catch the spooky train rides on weekends starting October 1st and running through October 31st, 2021. You can expect to see a few ghostly guests on board, and Bingo Australia jackpots will terrify you in the best possible way with OVER $35,000 in GUARANTEED CASH JACKPOTS. Bwa ha ha ha ha.

Since it is October and Halloween is coming soon there are lots of special bingo promotions coming up around the internet. For all of you players from Australia, or who like to play in Australia time, this is the best option for you to celebrate Halloween.

You Could Win Big Cash in the Haunted Rails Bingo

Buy tickets for one or all of the $2,500+ guaranteed scary one-hour rides! Bingo Australia Money Train departs every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 11pm EST and returns back to the safety of the station every Sunday at midnight est.

This haunted train ride is guaranteed to scare the bejeebers out of you with spook-tacular jackpots! – DEPOSIT NOW. Don’t miss this fantastic bingo bonus for all depositing players!


Check out the Diamond Cashback Bingo Offer

Diamond Cashback BingoEven if you lose you are a winner this week when you take part in the Diamond Cashback Bingo offer on now at Bingo Fest. This will take place throughout the month every Thursday. All you need to do is head to the Diamond Bingo Room. Then just place your bets on games in that room.

What happens then is that Bingo Fest will give you a percentage cashback bonus on all bets you place in this room. However, it must be in the Diamond Bingo room — bets placed on bingo games in other rooms will not count toward this cashback offer, and you will miss out.

Get up to $250 with Diamond Cashback Bingo this Week

You will need to place any bets only from 18:00PM EDT until 00:00AM EDT each Thursday. Placing bets outside these hours will mean that your bets aren’t actually counted and cannot be included in the cashback bonus. This bonus, once calculated, is awarded as a Free Play bingo bonus at Bingo Fest. In order to qualify, you will need to bet a minimum of $25. Otherwise, the Diamond Cashback will not apply to you. On top of that, the cashback is calculated as a percentage of the wagers made in the Diamond Bingo room. So its value depends on how much you bet overall.

Any Diamond Cashback you do get will be awarded as a minimum of $5 and a maximum amount of $250, so there is a cap. On top of this, all Free Play bingo bonuses
are actually subject to a 35x wagering requirement that you must fulfill before you can make a withdrawal.


Play Honey Money Bingo for Sweet Cash

Honey Money BingoHave you heard the buzz about honey money bingo? Join the Amigo Bingo main room during National Honey Month to play for $150,000 in GUARANTEED CASH this September.

Get busy playing! Win your share of OVER $5,000 in unBEElievably GUARANTEED CASH EVERY DAY, hit jackpots of up to $10,000 EVERY hour, and extra weekly prizes. Each of the Honey Money games will feature exciting muti-part games, with double or triple the chance of winning a SWEET SWEET JACKPOT.

Join Amigo to Play Honey Money Bingo

TO PARTICIPATE? Simple! Deposit, buzz on over to the main room, and play the qualifying games to get in the rankings during the contest periods below.

• Each ‘Honey Money’ game win gets you 1 point into the weekly ranking.
• Every $10 wagered on ‘Honey Money’ games will get you two extra points into the weekly ranking.
• Each deposit made within the weekly contest gets you three extra points into the weekly ranking.

Weekly winners will be selected randomly, or by the top 5 depending on the contest week, so every Amigo Bingo player has a fair chance to win.

– 1st Place: $200 BBS + 250% bonus on the next deposit.
– 2nd Place: $100 BBS + 225% bonus on the next deposit.
– 3rd Place: $75 BBS + 200% bonus on the next deposit.
– 4th Place: $50 BBS + 150% bonus on the next deposit.
– 5th Place: $25 BBS + 100% bonus on the next deposit.

$2,500 Grand Prize Giveaway! (4x $625 CASH)

The points you collect every week will also qualify you to take part in the HUGE $2,500 Weekly Grand Prize Giveaways. At the end of each contest week, we will raffle off $625 CASH among all qualified players in The Bingo Affiliates network.

This promotion is as sweet as honey and lots of fun. Don’t bee late, see you all in the main online bingo room. – Prebuys Available.

Busy Bee extra perk! Place a single deposit of $75 or more from Monday-Thursday to receive 10 Free Spins in the Honey Money slot machine – No code needed

This sweet and sunny Honey Money slot brings smiles and wins to all players alike. The cute bumble bees make up the biggest wins on the paytable, especially when players get an expanding wild on any of the reels.


The Splash Slot Tourney is on this week at Bingo Spirit

Splash Slot TourneyIt’s time to make some waves with the Bingo Spirit big summer Splash Slot Tourney! Throughout July, they are running this exciting slots tournament, and there are some BIG prizes up for grabs! All the games in this event will have a water theme, perfect for a cool down this summer. So, get ready for some epic watery fun! The slots games that you can play include:

Princess of the Sea
Legends of the Sea
Coral Reef
Whale O’ Winnings
Rise of Poseidon
Lost Secret of Atlantis
Reef Encounter
Summer Smileys
Ice Picks
Ocean Treasure
Sirens Serenade CBM
Mermaid Gold
Under the Sea
Shells ‘n Swells
Dolphins Gold
The Angler

The event will take place from Wednesday to Thursday each week in July. Any wins you may get will be awarded on the Friday of the same week. In order to win, you need to get spinning on the eligible slots, so take a look at the listed games to make sure you pick the right one.

To participate in this bingo tournament, you must have funded in the previous 7 days and need to select to “Opt in” using the button below. If you do not opt in for this tournament, none of the games played will count towards winning the Tournament and you will not be eligible to win any of the prizes. OPT in now for your chance to win the top prize of $1200!

Spin and Win in the Splash Slot Tourney

The prizes that you can look forward to are:

Ranking / Prizes / Balance
1st Place – $1200.00 – Cash
2nd Place – $600.00 – Universal Bonus
3rd Place – $300.00 – Universal Bonus
4th Place – $150.00 – Universal Bonus
5th Place – $75.00 – Universal Bonus
6th – 10th – $50.00 – Universal Bonus
11th – 15th – $25.00 – Universal Bonus
16th – 20th – $10.00 – Universal Bonus
21st – 30th – $5.00 – Universal Bonus

Placing at the top of the leaderboard will earn you the top prize of $1,200 in Cash! Happily, there is a total prize pool of a whopping $2,800 each week, and this will be split between the top 30 players! All the runner-ups will get their prizes in the form of a Universal Bonus.

Just one spin can win it, as wins are based on the best-equalized slot over a single round, so there’s no reason not to play! If you’re looking for a fun way to cool off this summer — and maybe get your hands on some epic wins at the same time — then there’s no better place to be than right here!

In order to join the Splash Slot Tourney, you will need to opt-in. Remember to do so before the event starts, to get in on this exciting watery fun! Also, be sure you’re playing on the eligible slots only, to make sure that all your spins count as you aim for that top prize!


I am Canadian Bingo Tournament on all this Month

I am Canadian BingoThis July is all about being together and safe at home while having fun playing all your favourite Canadian themed games in the I am Canadian Bingo Tourney. We all LOVE this country; it is no surprise. We could brag about all the stuff that truly sets our country apart. Not that we ever would or will we.

Join the Canadian Dollar Bingo main room this July 1st – 31st EST for your chance to win HUGE CASH JACKPOTS of up to $10,000 CASH. Plus! Every contest game won will automatically earn you ONE entry into the $2,500 Grand Prizes and WEEKLY EXTRA PRIZES.

I am Canadian Bingo at Canadian Dollar Bingo

Be on the lookout for the ‘I am Canadian’ Contest games in the main room or pre-buy menu, and have a blast winning on all the most incredible things about Canada. The patterns to look out for are:

– Ice Fishing
– Maple Leaf
– Bobsled
– Curling
– Beaver
– Moose
– Poutine
– Geese
– Timmies
– Bacon

Each game offers triple the fun, and triple the chances to win, plus a Buy 15 Get 5 cards FREE OFFER. Online bingo Jackpots will grow with each purchase card – No Jackpot Cap.

And if this deal wasn’t good enough already, every deposit made, wager and win will add points on the leaderboard for extra prizes. At the end of each tourney week, winners will be selected randomly or by top 5 depending on the contest week, so every player has a fair chance to win.

Extra Weekly Prizes:

1st Place: $150 BBS + 200% Deposit Bonus.
2nd Place: $100 BBS + 150% Deposit Bonus.
3rd Place: $75 BBS + 125% Deposit Bonus.
4th Place: $50 BBS + 100% Deposit Bonus.
5th Place: $25 BBS + 100% Deposit Bonus.

$2,500 Grand Prize! (4x $625 CASH)

That’s right! The points you collect every week, will also qualify you to take part in the HUGE $2,500 Grand Prize Giveaways. At the end of each contest week we will raffle off $625 CASH among all qualified players in network.

Get inspired to celebrate all things Canadian. The more cards you play, the better your chances of winning eh! There will be freebies, deposit deals and fun chat games waiting for you, don’t miss it!


Tiki Wins Bingo Weekend Tourney at Bingo Australia

Tiki Wins BingoAloha Tiki wins bingo players! Make yourself a mai tai and join Bingo Australia for your chance at $750,000 up for grabs in tiki-tastic cash jackpots. It’s going to get wacky-ki in so many ways…

Hula on over to the Weekend Room every Saturday, Sunday and Monday in May, June, and July at 1pm AEDT to take part in the Tiki Wins Tourney. They are throwing more than thirty-five one hour Tiki parties and giving away $2,500+ in REAL CA$H GAMES, EACH NIGHTLY EVENT, that is OVER $95,000 in GUARANTEED CASH JACKPOTS to be won.

Tiki Wins Bingo for the Best Bingo Party this Summer

Bingo Australia kick starts the fun with a $100BBS FREEBIE GAME to give everyone the chance to get the party started on a winning streak. Then the real fun begins…Play the $10,000, $5,000 and $2,500 Coveralls, followed by exciting tiki themed $150-$500 multipart GUARANTEED bingo games.

Every player will have the same chance of winning as you! You will get 45 cards for a $10 flat fee per game, no more and no less. You’ll get higher chances of winning bigger jackpots at a low cost per card.

Prebuy your tickets in advance or enter the room at least 5 minutes before the big buck games so you don’t miss out.

The Tiki Gods are in your favor; Deposit, play, and WIN BIG… it’s that easy when you play at Bingo Australia.


Join the Outdoor Bingo Tourney on Now at CyberBingo

Outdoor Bingo TourneyThis May it’s all about being outside with a special outdoor bingo tourney. With COVID-19 restrictions in place, this has been an issue for many people, so what better way to play than by offering up an outdoor theme? That’s right, head down to the Spring Bingo Room at CyberBingo this May for our Outdoor Bingo tourney!

As you can’t easily meet people in person, meet them online! The Outdoor Bingo Tourney will run from 12:01AM EDT on Monday till 11:59PM EDT on Sunday each week.

Have fun in the Outdoor Bingo Tourney

To score on the leaderboard, the ranking is based on the number of times a player wins any part of the tourney games. These tourney games are played at the top of the hour each day of the competition. The games are guaranteed multi-part games.

Ranking / Prizes / Balance
1st Place – $1,600.00 – Cash
2nd Place – $800.00 – Free Play Bonus
3rd Place – $400.00 – Free Play Bonus
4th Place – $200.00 – Free Play Bonus
5th Place – $100.00 – Free Play Bonus
6th – 10th Place – $50.00 – Free Play Bonus
11th – 20th Place – $25.00 – Free Play Bonus
21th – 30th Place – $15.00 – Free Play Bonus
31th – 50th Place – $10.00 – Free Play Bonus
51th – 60th Place – $5.00 – Free Play Bonus

The bingo game breakdown is as follows: $10/ $25/ $50 with the first part playing on a small 4 corner pattern, part two playing on Outdoor themed patterns, and the third section will play on the coverall. All these different options make this a truly fun experience and a way to socialize!

Cards cost just $0.35 each for this tourney and there’s an extra special card offer. Buy 10 and you’ll get 3 free — pay for just 7. Don’t forget, this tourney kicks off on May 3rd and continues until the 30th. With a total prize pool each week, of $4,000 see if you get lucky at CyberBingo!


Join the Spring Cashback Bingo Party at Bingo Fest

Spring Cashback BingoClaim back your losses in the Bingo Fest Spring Cashback Bingo Party! Spring is here and with it are a wealth of exciting and flowery bonuses just for you! Throughout April, they are going to offer you an exciting win-win bonus in the form of our Spring Cashback. That’s right, even if you spend some money and lose it, BingoFest is going to give it back to you!

The Spring Cashback Bingo Party plays every Sunday in April

The Spring Cashback will take place on Sundays throughout the month. they will give you a 25% free play bingo bonus on any of the losses you’ve made during the day. There’s a minimum of $10 awarded with a cap of $250 at the top end for this cashback bonus. Accrued losses of less than $10 will not count towards this promotion.

To receive this cashback bonus, you will need to be playing bingo games in the Spring Bingo Room between 12:01AM EDT on Sunday and 11:59PM EDT on Sunday. Playing bingo in the Spring Bingo Room on any other day during the month will not be counted for this bonus.

At the end of the day, once you’ve played your bingo games, Bingo Fest will take some time to calculate any losses you may have and credit you back with 25% as free play bingo bonus. You will need to log in after 3:00AM EDT on the Monday in order to claim this cashback bonus and have it added to your account.

You will also need to be a member of this site in order to claim this Spring Cashback offer. However, if you’re not yet with us, it’s easy to sign-up and join – just head over to the sign-up page right now. You can join us in minutes! Let’s get playing!