Canadian Dollar Bingo Creepy Colors

Creepy Colors BingoPlay the Creepy Colors Bingo chat game every day at Canadian Dollar Bingo. All players will have to pick a Letter B-The sky is blue I-the blood is red N-a ghost is white G-the grass is green or O-the witches broom is yellow. Pick your color; blue, red, white, green and yellow, then on all coveralls games during Jacki’s shift, the winner of the online bingo game and anyone that has that letter of ball bingo’d on gets to pick a number from 1-75.

The Creepy Colors Bingo Chat Game is Super Fun

On Fridays 5pm Coverall game. Jacki will announce that this is the drawing and the players’ names that are on the first 5 balls called on that game are the Canadian Dollar Bingo winners.

1st $25
2nd $20
3rd $15
4th $10
5th $5

Good luck everyone and have fun playing creepy colors.


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