Bingomania UK The Final Countdown

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Three… two…won. Count down the numbers from 10 to 1 in these special 2 part pattern games at Bingomania UK for rotating prize amounts. The games are play daily.

The countdown is on as bingo patterns representing the numbers 10 to 1 play in sequence for these special two part Bingo 75 games at Bingomania UK. In first part of each pattern game, the prize starts at £10 and descends with each call to £1 before blasting off up to £10 to do it all over again. The second part of each game is a coverall for even higher prizes, starting at £30 down to £15 and back again until someone wins. The Final Countdown is the big “1”, when the countdown starts at a whopping £100. Strap yourself in and prepare to blast off with The Final Countdown every night at 11pm.

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