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Grand Prix is an hour of speed bingo featuring 90 number games (1 Line) and 80-number games (Big X and Full House) at Bingomania UK. All Grand Prix games award a bonus prize to players with 1TG at the end of the game. The value of the 1TG prize for Grand Prix games is equal to the cost of one ticket.

Compete for cash and prizes in the ongoing speed bingo tournament at Bingomania UK. Be among the first to cross the finish line in this weekly contest to win a share of £400.

Each day of the week we play two one-hour sessions of speed bingo in Money Tree at 8am and 7pm. You’ll score 3 Grand Prix points for every bingo win and 1 Grand Prix point for every 1TG win. Wins are tracked and current standings displayed on-site.

Be the player with the most Grand Prix points at the end of the week and you’ll cross the finish line first to win the £125 grand prize. Second place pays £100, with decreasing amounts paid out down to 7th place. All prizes awarded as half cash, half bonus witch you can find in the promotion page at Bingomania UK.

Grand Prix tickets are 20p each for 90 number games and 25p each for 80 number games. To even the playing field, 90 number games are limited to two strips (with an extra strip free if you buy all 12 tickets) and 80-number games are limited to 6 tickets.

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