Bingo Hall Blockbuster Chat Game

blockbuster chat gameIt is blockbuster chat game time at Bingo Hall. Get your popcorn bag and 3D glasses and let’s search for a fun blockbuster movie for the bingo crew! Gilda can be a grouch but we all know she’s a big fan of the old time blockbusters like Jaws and Godzilla and that she loves blockbuster characters as scary as herself! The new Godzilla is set to be released this spring so let’s bring some action right here on the bingo board!

Join the Blockbuster Chat Game Now at Bingo Hall

Join CM Diamond in the Quarter room on Saturday, March 29th, between 10 AM EST and 12 PM. Pick a number from the G column and that will be your personal Godzilla. When your monster takes down 3 numbers around it, type “Godzilla + your number + (G)”. First roomies to do so will be rewarded 8 BBs. So have a seat and watch Godzilla follow Gilda around at Bingo Hall! Good luck!

If you would like to find out more detailed information than you should read our Bingo Hall review. If you are ready to start playing than click on the big green button.


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