The Bingo Bug Tourney is on Monday to Thursday at Bingo Spirit

Bingo Bug TourneyThis May Bingo Spirit is offering four separate BINGO Bug Tourney paying out $10,000.00 in total cash and prizes! Are you a Bug lover? If so, this tournament is for you! Running each week from Monday through Thursday in the Spring BINGO Room, you’ll want to BINGO on as many of the bug-themed patterns as possible! It’s that simple! These patterns include an ant, spider, caterpillar, dragon fly, moth, bee, worm, butterfly and other various little bugs! So get your insect game ready!

Win $1,250 in the Bingo Bug Tourney

The top 20 winners each week will receive a portion of our $2,500.00 prize pot – with the top weekly bug catcher receiving $1,250.00 in cash! That’s right! You can win up to $1,250.00 in cash every week! The 2nd – 20th place critter catchers will receive a piece of the prize as Free Play bingo bonuses ranging from $5.00 to $600.00 depending on your placement in the tourney!

The prizes that you can win are as follows:

Ranking / Prizes / Balance
1st Place / $1,250.00 / Cash
2nd Place / $600.00 / Free Play Bonus
3rd Place / $250.00 / Free Play Bonus
4th Place / $125.00 / Free Play Bonus
5th Place / $75.00 / Free Play Bonus
6th – 10th / $25.00 / Free Play Bonus
11th – 15th / $10.00 / Free Play Bonus
16th – 20th / $5.00 / Free Play Bonus

Games will play once every hour, so keep your eyes peeled, grab a friend and join in the fun! With cards at just $0.50 each, Bingo Spirit is giving you a “Buy 6, Get 3 FREE” deal during the tournament!