Bingonanza Lucky in Love

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Each day you spend £10 on bingo at Bingonanza you will raise the temperature of your Love Meter and earn tickets to the £1,400 Valentine’s Day game. Earn 60 tickets and win the £25 Cupid Bonus!

Are you a hopeless romantic? Naughty but nice? Too hot to handle? The Bingonanza Love Meter will reveal the truth! Each day, just play at least £10 cash or bonus on bingo to earn 3 tickets to the Valentine’s Bingo game on 14 February, playing for £1400 in cash prizes! You can also earn 1 ticket for winning any part of the Cupid’s Arrow Challenge games!

If you reach the top of the Bingonanza Love Meter by earning the maximum 60 tickets, you will be entitled to claim a Cupid Bonus of £25 Bonus! You can track the number of tickets you’ve earned on our special Love Meter promotions page.

To enter your tickets into the Valentine’s Bingo game, just return to the Lucky in Love promotions page on 14 February and click the “Enter Tickets” button no later than 9:00pm. If you claim a total of 60 tickets, you’ll also receive your £25 (250 kr) Cupid Bonus when you click the button.

The big Valentine’s Bingo game plays at 9:30pm sharp in our Lucky Streak room. Additional tickets are £1 Cash each (pre-purchase available). Remember, the deadline to enter your tickets into this game is 9:00pm, 30 minutes before the game starts. Be sure to claim all your tickets and bonus by that time, or else your tickets and Cupid’s Bonus will disappear!

If you would like to find out more than you should read our Bingonanza review. If you are ready to start playing than press the big green button.


Bingonanza is the coolest and hippest bingo site on the internet

South Beach Bingo Origami Butterflies

Play Now at South Beach BingoSouth Beach Bingo is a huge Origami fan. This is a fascinating form of art, making a butterfly out of paper is not as easy as may seem. Now you can find out for yourself as you can take up origami as a hobby.

Join South Beach Bingo in the Fair and Square bingo room, because starting February 6th and until February 8th, between 6:00 pm and 8:00 PM EST, they will host special games with awesome variable prizes!

South Beach Bingo will be featuring prizes ranging from $75 to $125, so start dancing and you’ll receive a great prize!

If you would like to find out more than you read our South Beach Bingo Review and remember there are Winners every game.


Bingo Canada Bingo Cinema

Play Now at Bingo CanadaWith Bingo Canada Friday evenings are now your perfect opportunities to sit back and relax with a game of bingo instead of a cheesy movie that will only make you fall asleep in front of the TV.

At Bingo Canada, every Friday you can enjoy a wonderful hour of bingo games starting from 10 pm EST and get the chance to win one of these amazing prizes: $60 prize bingo game, 1 progressive bingo jackpot game, 1 monthly tournament and 1 weekly special bingo game!

Play online bingo today at Bingo Canada for fun games and free rewards.


Bingo Street Penny Stretcher

Play Now at Bingo StreetEveryone loves a bargain…and Bingo Street is happy to please! Hop into the Penny Stretcher tab to play FREE and CHEAP bingo every day!

Free 4 All! You can play Daily from 8am to 10pm in the Free 4 All room. There are 50p, 75p & £1 jackpots and the game is 75 Ball bingo. This room, true to its name, is open to ALL players whether funded or not! Win 50p to £1 (credited in bingo funds) absolutely gratis from Bingo Street.

Freesy Street! You can play on the hour from 6pm till midnight daily in the Freesy Street room. You can win 1 line: £2, 2 lines: £3, Fullhouse: £5! The game is 90 Ball bingo and it is open to funded players only – win a share of £10 guaranteed every hour, on the hour!

The Local! You can play Daily from 10am until 1am in the Local room. The jackpots are varied and the name of the game is 90 Ball bingo. This game is only open to funded players.

Play online bingo today on BingoStreet – find your way to a WIN!


RedBus Bingo Million a Month

Play Now at Redbus BingoRedbus Bingo is going to make you a (loyalty points) millionaire! Yes, every month They are putting up 1,000,000 Joy Points to be won by a lucky player!

On the last Sunday of each month, simply login to RedBus Bingo and purchase your 10p cards. If you win the game, your 1,000,000 Joy Points will be split between each of the five Joy sites which means you can get a taste of everything Joy of Bingo has to offer! Plus, it means you’ve got even more chances to win big! Just bingo on the J pattern first to bag the booty!


Instant Bingo California Dream

Play Now at Instant BingoFollowing the California dream was part of the gold rush that took over the world. Join CM Smile on Wednesday, January 25th in the Instant Bingo Quarters room between 1 AM and 3 AM EST in the search for gold.

Pick any 3 numbers and they will represent the 3 places where you decided to search for gold. When 2 of your number are out you’re rich to type “rich + your numbers + star”. The first roomies to do so will win 6 BBs. Good luck everyone and have fun playing online bingo games at Instant Bingo!


Loonie Bingo New Progressives Slots

Play Now at Loonie BingoProgressive Jack Pots starting at $500 for 5 cent games and $1000 for 25 cent games!!! They were paying BIG already…now they pay even more! Get in on all the slots action at Loonie Bingo.

5c Wild Cherry with Progressive
5c Blazing 7s Progressive
5c 5 Lines Wild Cherry Progressives
25c Fire and Ice Progressive
25c 5 Line Luck 7 Progressives
25c Wild Cherry 5 Lines

Find them under the slots’ section in your account at Loonie Bingo.


Découvrez nos NOUVELLES Slots progressives

Play Now at Bingo Francais

Les Jackpots débutent à 500 $ pour les parties à 5 cents et à 1000 $ pour les parties à 25 cents!!! Elles payaient déjà GROS… elles payent maintenant encore plus!

5c Wild Cherry Progressive
5c Blazing 7s Progressive
5c 5 Lines Wild Cherry Progressives
25c Fire and Ice Progressive
25c 5 Line Luck 7 Progressives
25c Wild Cherry 5 Lines

Vous les trouverez dans la section Slots de votre compte.


90-Ball Bingo Guide – Play Bingo 90

90 Ball Bingo - Play Bingo 90

One of the most popular varieties of bingo played online is a version known as 90-ball bingo. The name of course comes from the number of balls that are used in the game. These balls are numbered from 1 to 90. They are then are randomly selected and the numbers are called out to players so they can mark them on their bingo cards.

How to Play Bingo 90

While the basic play of 90-ball bingo is somewhat similar to other versions, the bingo card used in this game is not. In comparison to other bingo cards it is quite different. The bingo card used in 90 ball bingo is made up of three rows divided into nine columns. This creates a total of 27 spaces on the card. However not all of these 27 spaces are filled with numbers. In each row only five of the nine spaces have numbers in them. As a result four spaces are left blank. Overall this creates only a total of 15 numbers on each of the bingo 90 cards.

How to Win 90-Ball Bingo

The first column of the bingo card would include the numbers 1 to 9 and then the second column that have numbers 10 to 19. This pattern continues across the bingo ticket until the last column which would feature the numbers 80 to 90. Another unique aspect of the card used for 90-ball bingo is that it is used for three games. The first bingo would be that a player has covered all of the numbers in one row. After this first bingo winner is declared the game continues without clearing the ticket. The next bingo would happen when a player has covered all of the numbers in two rows. Again following this a game would go on until someone has covered all of the spaces on the onlinebingo card. This is known as a full house and generally the winner of this would receive a larger prize. If you are new to 90-Ball Bingo, you should really give it a try. When you learn to play bingo 90 you will soon realize what all the fuss is about.

Where to Play Bingo 90

90 ball bingo is the most popular bingo game in the UK and is offered at all of our top UK bingo sites. To learn more about these sites please check out our uk online bingo sites page. If you just want to jump straight to our top bingo 90 site than read our SunBingo Review.

You can learn more about 90 ball bingo on the Bingo UK Wikipedia page. If you play let us know what you think?

Bingo Street – Brand New UK Bingo Site

Play Now at Bingo Street

At Bingo Street you can be new to the neighbourhood, or a bona fide local – either way, our friendly online bingo site is full of lighthearted chat, regular bingo bonuses, huge jackpot games and more!

Play on Bingo Street and you’ll enjoy a range of bingo rooms from FREE bingo and 1p bingo to guaranteed jackpots up to £3000! If you fancy express action, check out our 5 line bingo rooms as well as our classic 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo games!

Plus, to make your move onto the street even better, once you’ve deposited £5 or more you’ll get a 350% first-time deposit bonus guaranteed AND you can win up to £5 FREE in our Shake the Signpost game!

Play online bingo today on BingoStreet – find your way to a WIN!